Phys 1034-B: General Physics B

Spring 2018    Welcome! In this course, you will learn about electromagnetism -- a basic aspect of Nature you encounter on a daily basis and one of its 4 known fundamental forces.
  • Class venue/time: 鴻經館大樓 (Hong King) 116
  • Class Times/Days: Mon 10-11:50 am, Wed 8-9:50 am
  • My Office: S4-718
  • E-mail: yizen [dot] chu [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Office hours: Monday 6-7 pm. E-mail me if you wish to set up a meeting up outside of these times.
  • 林韋志 (Teaching Assistant)
    • Office Hours/Location: Tuesday 4-6 pm in S4-905
  • Textbook: Harris Benson, 2nd Revised Edition
- Yi-Zen
  • Disability     If you have a disability that you think I should know about, and if you need special accomodations, please feel free to speak to me after class or e-mail me to set up a meeting.    
  • Academic integrity     You are encouraged to discuss with your classmates the material covered in class, and even work together on your assignments. However, the work you turn in must be the result of your own effort. If I find that you copied your work from some place else, you will immediately receive zero credit for that particular piece of work. If you plagarized your classmate, your classmate will also receive zero credit for her/his/their work, unless (s)he/they can prove to my satisfaction (s)he/they were unwilling participant(s) of your dishonesty.
Syllabus and Grading Scheme

The rough chronology of the course will be as follows.
  1. 26 Feb through 4 April: Electricity/Electrostatics (Benson Chapters 22 through 28)
  2. Midterm I: April 11
  3. 9 April through 14 May: Magnetism, Maxwell's Equations (Benson Chapters 29 through 34)
  4. Midterm II: May 23
  5. 16 May through 13 June: Light/Optics & Special Relativity (Benson Chapters 35 through 39)
  6. 18 June: Review Session
  7. Final Exam: Wednesday 20 June, 8 am to 10 am.


  1. Homework (50%)     See below for the latest homework assignment. I recommend starting your homework as soon as possible -- do not wait until the day before it is due to do it!
  2. Midterm I (15%)     Electrostatics/Electricity
  3. Midterm II (15%)     Magnetism & Maxwell's Equations
  4. Final (20%)     Covers the entire semester's material
Homework assignments     I will not accept late homework -- just turn in whatever you have done at the time/day it is due.
  1. Due Monday 12 March, right after class (i.e., 11:50 am): Benson Exercise 22.6; Problems 22.8, 22.10; Exercise 23.51; Problems 23.6, 23.14, 23.16.
  2. Due Wednesday 21 March, right after class (i.e., 9:50 am): Problem 1, Benson Problem 23.20. Exercise 24.16, 24.24, Problem 24.10, 24.14
  3. Due Monday 2 April, right after class (i.e., 11:50 am): Benson Exercise 25.53; Problem 25.4, 25.6, 25.11, 25.12; Exercise 26.42, Problem 26.5

Class Notes:

Electromagnetism in a Nutshell

Online Resources


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