Double Star Measurements with AIP4WIN and DSLR
David Haworth and Tom Frey

David Haworth used AIP4WIN software to measure the double star separation (rho) and position angle (theta). The images were raw CR2 files taken with a alt-azimuth Dob and Canon EOS T2i DSLR camera Tom Frey.

The benefits of using AIP4WIN include:

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Tom Frey

Thomas G. Frey

Thomas G. Frey is Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA. He has been an active member of the Central Coast Astronomical Society for over 25 years. He was a team leader at the Pine Mountain Observatory (PMO) Summer Science Research Work- shop, Bend, OR, 2009 and co-director of the PMO workshop, summer of 2011.


David Haworth

David Haworth

David Haworth enjoys astronomy imaging and processing those images to bring out details that cannot be seen easily by visual observing with the same size optics. David Haworth started astroimaging with a Cookbook CCD camera he built in 1996 and since then has used many types of cameras to image the sky. David wrote Chapter 2: "Afocal Photography with Digital Cameras" in the second edition of "The Art and Science of CCD Astronomy" which was published in December 2005. David's images have appeared in magazine front covers, articles, books, catalogs, videos, music CD covers, T-shirts, other web sites, etc.