David Haworth

Digital Astrophotography, The State of the Art

David Haworth enjoys observing the universe with optical astronomy and radio astronomy . He enjoys astroimaging and processing those images to bring out details that cannot be seen easily by visual observing. David started astroimaging with a Cookbook CCD camera he built in 1996 and since then he has used many types of cameras and spectrographs to image the sky. David was the principle investigator for spectroscopy projects at the Pine Mountain Observatory (PMO) Summer Science Research Workshops in 2012 and 2010. David taught spectroscopy at the PHYS508 Night Sky Institute in 2011. David has presented various astroimaging sessions since 1999 and he has organized various astroimaging conferences since 2001. David wrote Chapter 2: “Afocal Photography with Digital Cameras” in the second edition of “The Art and Science of CCD Astronomy” which was published in December, 2005. David’s images have appeared on magazine front covers, articles, books, catalogs, videos, music CD covers, T-shirts, and other web sites.

David wrote Chapter 2 (Afocal Photography with Digital Cameras) of the book "Digital Astrophotography, The State of the Art" which was published in December 2005.

David wrote "Flat Field Calibration using an LCD Monitor" article in AstroPhoto Insight Feb/Mar 2008.

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