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Astronomical Observing with Unaided Eye

Observing Without Optical Instruments

Unaided eye observing is observing astronomical objects without optical instruments such as binoculars and telescopes. It is a perfect way to start a hobby in observational astronomy because you can start tonight if the weather permits. All you need to start is a desire to learn about astronomical objects, some astronomy reference materials and a desire to find astronomical objects in the sky. Also, unaided eye observing provides excellent observing skills that are needed when you use binoculars and telescopes.

There are many astronomy resources that can help you in unaided eye observing. These resources include information about astronomical objects that you can see with your eyes and what these objects look like. They also include location information on when and where in the sky you can find these objects. Also, information is available on nonoptical observing equipment that can help you before and during your observing sessions.

The below table of contents covers various aspects of unaided eye observing and provides astronomy references and resources. Some topics such as observing skills is subdivided to beginner, intermediate and advanced sections to provide information that is based on experience level.

 Unaided Eye Observing Contents 

Observing Methods
Wandering Around the Sky
Three to Ten Minute Quick Look
    A quick way to learn the sky
Planned Observing Session
Searching for Something New

Observing Equipment
Nice to have Equipment

What is in the sky to night
Sky Events
12 Month Sky Map Index

Unaided Eye Observer's Library
Beginner Observer's Library
Advanced Observer's Library

Unaided Eye Astronomical Objects
Beginner Observer's Objects
Intermediate Observer's Objects

Unaided Eye Observing Web Resources
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