Unaided Eye Advanced Observer's Books

The below astronomy books covers various aspects of advanced unaided eye observing. Also check the unaided eye beginner observer's books.

 Advanced Observer's Books  

To find these books first check your local library, then your astronomy club's book library, next try used book stores and then as a last resort check new book stores. Some of the books may be out of print and may not be available at new book stores.

Astromers' Stars by Patrick Moore

Astronomy for All Ages by Philip Harrington & Edward Pascuzzi

Brilliant Stars by Patrick Moore

Greenwich's National Maritime Museum Make-it-yourself Astrolabe

Greenwich's National Maritime Museum Nocturnal

Greenwich's National Maritime Museum The Planispheric Astrolabe

Norton's 2000.0 Star Atlas and Reference Handbook by Ian Ridpath

Seeing the Sky by Fred Schaaf

Star Names Their Lore & Meaning by Richard Hinckley Allen

Sundials & Timedials by Gerald Jenkins & Magdalen Bear

The Friendly Stars by Martha Martin & Donald Howard

The Moon Book by Kim Long

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