Cookbook CB245 CCD Camera on
Orion ShortTube™ 80 mm Refractor

CCD Observing Telescope
Orion ShortTube™ 80 mm aperture rich-field refractor, f/5 focal ratio, 400 mm focal length mounted on top of a CG-11 using Losmandy dovetail plate and rings. Two 4-40 set-screws (120 dregees from the orginal set-screw ) were added to the Orion focuser. (The above pictures are distorted because of the close up picture with a 24 mm lens.)

CCD Camera:
Richard Berry CCD Cookbook CB245 camera built by David Haworth. The CCD camera is wrapped in plastic and foam to reduce temperature drift of the electronics mounted in the camera head. Notice the two 1/4 inch plastic tubes to move water through the camera to cool it. Also, notice the white quick disconnect fittings on the hoses. The quick disconnect fittings prevent water draining out of the camera and hoses when disconnecting the hoses.

Guider and Shutter:
Spectra Astro Systems SpectraGuide™ off-axis guider and Vibration-Free Shutter are mounted on the CB245 camera. The Vibration-Free Shutter is used for taking dark frames. The SpectraGuide™ off-axis guider is used to find objects and I do not use it for guiding. The guider mirror can be moved into the center to find objects and then moved out of the way for imaging. The guider leaks light when the Moon is up and needs to be coverd when imaging. When using the CG-11 with Celestron f/6.3 focal reducer and Tel Vue 35 mm Panoptic eye piece (magnification 50.4) the SpectraGuide™ off-axis guider is not used and I sometimes removed it from the camera.

CCD Camera Mounting:
A ring clamp is used to prevent stress on the Orion ShortTube™ 80 mm refractor focuser. An Edmund Industrial Optics Ring Mount clamps on a 48 mm T-mount Extension tube mounted to the CB245 camera. The Ring Mount is mounted to a Losmandy DA Dovetail Adapter using Edmund Industrial Optics Stainless Steel Mounting Posts and Right Angle Post Clamp. A IR filter used on CCD camera from Santa Barbara Instrument Group. The IR filter fits inside of the 48 mm T-mount Extension tube.

Daisy Finder:
A Daisy finder is mounted to the Orion finder bracket. I use to use a Telrad finder but it was too large and now I use the Daisy finder. When I am observing first I use the Daisy finder. Secondly, I use the CG-11 7x50 finder and then I use the CG-11 to find the object.

Check CCD images for pictures taken by this setup.

Star Field