I am a theoretical physicist, photographer and amateur astronomer.

I am currently Associate Professor at the National Central University
Department of Physics in Taoyuan, Taiwan. My research interests span theoretical aspects of gravitation; particle cosmology; the structure and dynamics of classical and quantum field theories; and Wolfram Language software development. You can find my publications here or here. In my free time, which is somewhat ephemeral, I bring out my camera(s) for a shoot.

Update: If you are an NCU student, or looking to become one, I have potential job opportunities. I am developing code for gravitational wave physics and for TensoriaCalc. As such, I am looking for undergraduates and graduate students interested in Wolfram Language/Mathematica programming. Additionally, I am also seeking someone interested in drawing figures that can be converted to TeX for my free textbook project. E-mail me for further information regarding these positions.

Update: Total Solar Eclipse 2017 photos and video posted.

- Yi-Zen

Horseshoe Bend, near Page, AZ. 2011 Yi-Zen Chu


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Tensoria, MHD
Post Newtonian Gravity Calculations


Analytical Methods (Lecture Notes)
Differential Geometry and Physics in Curved Spacetimes
General Physics B (Electromagnetism)

Cleveland: 2008-2010
N.W. Arizona/S. Utah: Summer 2011
Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks: Fall 2012

Total Solar Eclipse: Huntington, Oregon, 2017
Total Solar Eclipse: Romania, 1999
Field Rotation Calculation

My Sister's Wedding
Moebius Syndrome