Total Solar Eclipse
Bucharest, Romania
August 11, 1999

Location: Roof of Hotel Burcharest; Bucharest, Romania
Date: August 11, 1999
Instrument: BW Optik 100 mm f/6 "semi-apo" refractor coupled with a 2" Astro-Physics 2X barlow
Camera: Nikon F4 with custom made 15X viewfinder for critical focusing
Mount: Super Polaris German Equatorial with Vixen DD-1 drive controller
Film: Kodakrome E200 slide film
Filter: BAADER solar filter material; filter was used for first shot (partially eclipsed sun) only
Comments: (Scanned directly from original slides.)
Totality was far shorter than I expected. This made me rush through the exposures, not pausing much in between each shot to allow for the shutter-induced vibrations to die down. Also, the SP mount was heavily loaded because I mounted an University Optics 80 mm refractor, which I used as my visual instrument, together with the BW Optik. In addition, the focuser of the BW Optik is rather weak and loose mechanically. All these reasons account for the less than optimal sharpness in these shots.