Oregon Star Party (OSP) 2010

Honda Pilot camping at OSP 2010

2010 Oregon Star Party (OSP) was another great star party with good imaging from Wednesday night to Sunday morning. In summary OSP was terrific and many thanks to the great OSP team that made it happen.

This year we parked north of the astroimaging section because last year, 2009, a large RV parked right next to us and it had a noisy generator running most of the day. North of the astroimaging section is rockier and slopes to the north. It worked well because I was imaging high in the sky most of the time and the Honda Pilot back door could be open facing north and the Sun would not shine in the Honda Pilot where I slept most of the day.

My imaging objectives were to test the QSI 583ws at a dark sky site and to use the 532ws-M1 on a median focal length telescope.

I used two cameras at OSP:

  • QSI 583ws with 31mm LRGB Astrodon filters. QSI 583ws camera was on Tele Vue NP127is, 127mm aperture, 660mm focal length, f/5.2 focal ratio, APO (Nagler-Petzval) Refractor and Astro-Physics 1200GTO German Equatorial Mount.
  • QSI 532ws-M1 with 1.25" Astronomik LRGB filters. The 532ws-M1 was on the Orion Argonaut™ 150mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope, f/12 focal ratio, 1800mm focal length, focal reducer/Corrector (1800mm to 1440mm, f/12 to f/9.6) and Astro-Physics Mach1GTO German Equatorial Mount

Star Field

Tuesday Night August 10, 2010

Sue and I arrived just before 8:00 pm and a little later rain, lighting and thunder started for most of the evening and most of the night. I did see Venus and a few stars through sucker holes.

Star Field

Wednesday Night August 11, 2010

Wednesday was my normal OSP pattern. I image all night until dawn. Sometime I would wander around to see other imagers. Calibration images were done during dawn twilight. I would go to sleep in the car at Sun rise and I get up around lunch time to eat. After lunch I would nap during the afternoon to dinner.

I image the Helix because the air was cleaned from the Tuesday night’s rain.

Star Field

Thursday Night August 12, 2010

Star Field

Friday Night August 13, 2010

Star Field

Saturday Night August 14, 2010

Sunday noon I packed up and left OSP. It was a great week of imaging.

QSI 583ws on Tele Vue NP127is APO Refractor
QSI 532ws on Orion Argonaut 150mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope

Star Field

Oregon Star Party 2010 Photos and Reports

Star Field