Mt Bachelor Star Party 2005

Thursday July 7, 2005

Mt Bachelor Star Party was heild July 6 - 10, 2005.

Images taken on night ofJuly 7, 2005
Nikon D70 camera M8, M20 and M21 image
Nikon D70 camera M16, M17, M18 and M24 image
Nikon D70 camera M11 and M26 image

On Thursday evening I gave an Astroimaging presentation. Below are the presentation links and references shown in the presentation.

Bright Star Imaging The Sky Conference July 23, 2005
Bright Star Nikon D70 DSLR
Bright Star Afocal Coupling the Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera
Bright Star Partial Solar Eclipse Movie June 10, 2002
Bright Star Lunar Eclipse Movie May 15, 2003
Bright Star SBIG ST-237 and Fastar
Bright Star Comet C/1999 T1 (McNaught-Hartley) Movie
Bright Star Philips ToUcam resources
Bright Star Meade LPI resources
Bright Star CCD Reference List version 3.4, June 25, 2004 PDF ccdref34.pdf file format, size: 62KB
Bright Star Jerry Lodriguss Astrophotography
Bright Star Canon Astrophotography
Bright Star Michael Covington's Digital SLR Notes

Star Field