Messier M66

Object Information
Messier object: M66
NGC (New General Catalog) number: NGC 3627
Discription: Spiral Galaxy
Note: In the Leo Triplett: M65, M66 & NGC 3628
Located in constellation: Leo
Right ascension in hours minutes: 11:20.2
Declination in degrees minutes: 12:59
Visual magnitude: 8.9
Size: 8 x 2.5 arc minutes
Image size: 55.23 arc minutes high by 40.98 arc minutes wide
Image orientation: North is top, East is left
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Observing Log
Date of observation: February 19, 1999
Time at end of first CCD image 23:22 PST
Time at end of last CCD image 23:35 PST
Observing Location: At home on the drive way
Observation of object:
Sky Conditions
Sky transparency: 4.2 (Magnitude of the faintest star visible with the unaided eye in Ursa Minor)
Moon set at 22:02 PST on February 19, 1999
Astronomical twilight ends in the evening at 19:22 PST on February 19, 1999
Astronomical twilight starts in morning at 5:24 PST on February 20, 1999
Observing Equipment
80 mm aperture refractor telescope and CCD Cookbook Camera
CCD image time: 4 - 240 seconds images added together
CCD dark calibration frames: 28 - 240 seconds dark frames

Use Test patterns to calibrate monitor brightness, contrast, height and width