Monitor Test Patterns

The following test patterns are help you adjust your monitor to best view the CCD astro images. Most of the CCD images have up to 256 gray levels. These test patterns are for adjusting monitor brightness, contrast, height and width.

16 Level Gray Scale Adjustment

Try to adjust monitor brightness and contrast to see all 16 gray scale levels. The most important adjustment when view astro images is to see the differences in all of the black bands. Typically only 6 distinct bands are seen with a 256 color palette display and using Netscape Navigator V4.08. A high color (16) display will show all 16 gray levels. A true color (24 bit) display will show all 16 gray levels.

256 Level Gray Scale Check

The following test pattern has 255 gray levels. A typical 256 color palette display will show this as a dither pattern of gray shades that was seen in the above 16 gray level test pattern. A high color (16) display will typically show 32 distinct gray bands. A true color (24 bit) display will show all 255 gray levels without bands or dither patterns

Square Pixels Adjustment

To view the astro images with correct aspect ratio adjust the monitor's height and width to make the square's height and width the same. The following test pattern image is a 100 by 100 pixel gray square.