M81 Galaxy and M82 Galaxy

M81 and M82

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Objects Information
M81 Galaxy and M82 Galaxy

Other Bright Galaxies in the Image

Faint 15 to 19 Magnitude Galaxies
See Negative image with labels.

Faint 20.08 R Magnitude Galaxy Analysis

SDSS J095724.20+690702.1 is at the end of yellow arrow > in the negative image.

Below images are full scale, calibrated, screen stretched, cropped and inverted in AIP4WIN V2.2.

Faint Galaxies Faint Galaxies

Below are graphs in Diffraction Limited MaxIm DL V5.03

MaxIm DL V5.03 SDSS J095724.20+690702.1
MaxIm DL V5.03 SDSS J095724.20+690702.1

Below is a screen capture of SDSS Navigate Tool with SDSS J095724.20+690702.1 in the square box.

SDSS J095724.20+690702.1

Image Information

Observing Information

QSI 532ws-M1 CCD Camera on Tele Vue NP-101is Refractor

Imaging Equipment

Imaging Processing

Monitor Test Pattern

The following test pattern is to help you adjust your monitor to best view the CCD astro images. The test pattern is used for adjusting monitor brightness, and contrast. Adjust monitor brightness and contrast to see all 16 gray scale levels. The most important adjustment when viewing astro images is to see the differences in all of the black bands.