Welcome to the Muskegon Astronomical Society's web site! While containing information about the society, this web site is also designed for the active observer. Compatible with most browsers and browser cookie-free (not counting web pages outside our site), this web site offers you current observing information. Information that can configured to any given location (see configuration form).

You may find some interesting features on this web site. To start, at the top of the home page is the latest NASA image of the sun (including current sunspots). You get this image only during the day. At night, you'll see the current phase of the moon.

Below the image of the sun or moon is a text box showing the current date/time, Universal Time (UT), Julian Date (JD), local sidereal time (L.S.T.), what major planets are currently visible (above the horizon after sunset), plus the next sun/moon rise/set before midnight.

If your browser can show mouse cursor help tips, many items on this web site will display information. The mouse cursor over the moon phase image, for example, will display the age of the moon and the number of days before the next phase. Over the date/time text box, the mouse cursor displays the current location/time zone.

The home page has hyperlinks categorized into three sections: The web site links, the observing links, and the club links. The web site links include hyperlinks to this web site's configuration form, a feedback form that lets us know what you think about our web site, and a planetarium music web page.

The observing links has hyperlinks designed for you, the active observer. It has links to astronomy/celestial Calendars, Comet Ephemeris, Ephemeris (sun, moon, planets), astronomy Java Applets (Jupiter and other planets), astronomy JavaScript spreadsheets, maps for the current location (Google Maps, topographic images), astronomy/space news, night sky (planetarium), satellite sky reports (sky calendar w/ ISS transits, heavens-above, space weather (aurora images, current solar activity), and weather (air turbulence, the clear sky clock, latest GOES image, local weather forecasts). What is remarkable is that most hyperlinks in this section can be configured to any given latitude/longitude/time zone (see configuration form),

Say you're going stargazing tonight. Wouldn't it be wonderful to catch an Iridium flare? Wouldn't it be nice to know the great red spot is coming around in a couple of hours? Or that a double transit is happening tonight? Or that a comet just became naked eye? You see a bright satellite flying overhead. Don't you wish you knew it's name? With this web site configured to your location, you'll be able to find out in the observing links section.

Below the active observer links is the club links section. The club links has hyperlinks that include articles written by society members, images taken by society members, our monthly/yearly calendar of events, a list of our favorite hyperlinks, a description of our observatory facility, and how to become a member of our organization.

We hope you enjoy this web site! Feel free to give us your feedback. If you want to know more about the Muskegon Astronomical Society or our observatory, visit our home page or check out the club links.

Note to AOL users: If your jpeg images seem waterlogged, edit your settings. Choose preferences, www properties, web graphics. Select never compress graphics. Under general properties, delete your temporary Internet files.

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