Music Selection
Music Volume (0-100)    Check to enable (-4000 to -0) scale

We have a web page that offers a selection of planetarium music (mp3 files). From the selection list on the music form, you can play a particular piece of music with auto loop, the entire list of available music (all selections), or the entire list of available music randomly selected (random selections).

When a selection is played, a small console is created. You can change the selection list or volume control (0 to 100 default 50). We also offer a hyperlink to the music author's web site.

If you play a selection and the volume is either too loud or too quiet, check your browser plug-in's volume control. If the volume is not what you defined, your plug-in might not be using the standard 0 to 100 scale. Try enabling the -4000 to -0 scale. When enabled, a volume of 0 is converted to -4000, a volume of 100 is converted to -0, etc.

Note: Depending on the age of your browser, "all/random selections" might not be able to go from one selection to the next.  In fact, the music plug-in itself may or may not work.

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