David Haworth Observing 2 days Old Crescent Moon at OSP 2002

Astronomical League Lunar Club Optional
David Haworth's Observing Log

Lunar Club Program

Astronomical League Lunar Club Program is a list of 100 lunar features to observe. David Haworth's Lunar Club Observing Log is found on the below five Lunar Club index web pages. Also, check 29 days Moon Index for other Moon images.

Unaided Eye Optional Activities

Estimate first quarter phase within eight hours.


Estimate third quarter phase within eight hours.


Estimate full moon within thirty-six hours.


Plot moon's position against the stars for three consecutive days.


Compare the size of the full moon on the horizon with the full moon on the meridian using a dime held at arm's length.

2003.01.18 17:58 * 15 days, 9 hours 80mm Nikon 990

Find the thinnest phase by which you can read newsprint.


Binocular Optional Activities

Sketch libration - use Mare Crisium or Grimaldi for examples.

Moon Libration

Sketch a lunar map - use any scale for binoculars only.


Telescopic Optional Activities

Plot the moon's hourly motion against the stars for two hours or more.


Measure the height of a lunar mountain - need to calculate the sun's elevation at the mountain and estimate the shadow length - try Mt. Piton.