Observational Astronomy Web Site Design

The Observational Astronomy Web site is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

  Web Site Design Objects 

The Observational Astronomy Web site was designed with the following objectives:

Quick loading time by keeping the Web pages small and using small graphics images.

Navigation buttons <<PREVIOUS - HOME - CONTENTS - NEXT>> are located at the same place on the top of each page. A more extensive set of navigation buttons are located at the bottom of each Web page.

In Netscape the PREVIOUS and NEXT navigation buttons shows the page title being jump to not the URL address in the botton status bar. The font size of these navigation buttons are one size smaller and the font color is aqua for unvisited links and turns to silver when visited. Windows XP SP2 cause all the Javascript to be removed from all the web pages.

  Software Used in Web Site Design 

The Observational Astronomy Web site was designed with the following tools:

Web Browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.0.2800
HTML Programming
Microsoft Notepad for HTML coding.
Microsoft Word 97 for spelling and grammar check.
Graphics Software
JASC Paint Shop Pro 4.12, 6.02, 7.0 & 8.10

  Web Server 

Free Web hosting is provide by Stargazing Network
Uploaded files to Web server using Windows Microsoft Internet Explorer FTP features.

  References Used in Web Site Design 

Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 3.2 in 14 Days, Professional Reference Edition by Laura Lemay's

Plain Web Test Page
CSS Web Test Page
<FONT> Web Test Page

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