Imaging Sessions

Messier M63

This is an index of my imaging sessions by date and objects. Check Fastar CCD Imaging session for an overview of a typical imaging session.

2002, January 2 evening
First clear dark sky time since November 17, 2001
Observing Location: home observatory
This was the first observing session of 2002. Started at 6:21 PST and was clouded out at 9:49 PST. Observered the following Herschel II objects.

2001, November 17 evening - 18 morning
Observing Location: home observatory
This was the last observing session of 2001. It was great, best meteor shower I have seen, very nice comet C/2000 WM1 and many Herschel II images. A few thin clouds occured through the night.

2001, March 22 evening - 23 morning
Observing Location: at home on the drive way
Observed the comet C/1999 T1 and several Messier objects.