Sky Map Locations

Sky maps show the sky in Portland Oregon, U.S.A. and other locatons indicated by the white horizontal line on the below map. These locations are close to Portland's 45 degrees North latitude (40 - 50 degrees).

  • Northern United States of America
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Monteral, Quebec, Canada
  • Southern France
  • Switzerland
  • Northern Italy
  • Northern Romania
  • Gobi Desert Mongolia
  • Haerhpin China
  • Northern Japan

For observing locations less than 45 degrees North latitude additional stars not shown on the sky map will be seen in the south part of the sky. Also, stars on the sky map at the northern edge will not be seen. In other words, the sky is shifted from the south to the north as the observing location is moved south from 45 degrees North latitude. For example, Los Angles, California U.S.A which is at 34 degree North latitude will see 11 degrees (45 degrees latitude - 34 degrees latitude) more stars in the south than Portland Oregon and 11 degrees less stars in the north than Portland Oregon.

For observing locations more than 45 degrees North latitude additional stars will be seen in the north and less in the south.