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The installation files are distributed in several packages in order to facilitate the transfers and the choice of the components of your interest.

Prerequisite : Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Please consult the installation procedure before downloading files!

There is now a few choice of CDrom that include full version of the program.
Look at this page for more information.

The "Complete package" and the Virtual Moon Atlas is also available on the Deepsky 2003 CDrom.

For the details of each catalogue and how to obtain additional information please consult the catalogues descriptions.
For some file you have the choice to use HTTP or FTP, select your preferred option. Many thanks to Simtel.Net, Funet and CuraNet to provide a mirror for the most demanded files.

Please take a look at the list of the know bug if you experience some problem.

Last software version and basic options :
See below for a compact download and be sure to apply the 2.76c update

Basic package 2.76

3.9 Mb 
Nov 23 2004

Complete program version 2.76, Bright Stars Cat (9096 stars to magnitude 6.5), 10'000 nebulae from SAC 7.2, elements of planets, comets and asteroids. (Note : this elements are distributed with permission from CBAT. Please refresh regularly updated version using the "Online Resources" program menu.)


Translation in all other language. English and French are include with the basic software.

Additional textures   Additional star or planetary texture.

Planetary Satellites

CuraNet mirror

0.5 Mb
Nov 14 1999
Positions of the satellites of Mars,Jupiter,Saturn and Uranus between 1997 and 2020. 
Precision : 0.5 arcsec.
Planetary Satellites,
High Precision
1.3 Mb
Sep 3 2000
High precision positions of the satellites of Mars,Jupiter,Saturn and Uranus between 1995 and 2020.
Planets high precision 0.3 Mb
Nov 26 2001
High precision position of the planets for the period 1800 - 2100 using the methode Series96.

Realsky® support files

0.4 Mb
May 8 2002
DLL and header files required to use RealSky or DSS CD-rom

Milky Way

Nov 26 2001

Plot the Milky Way to the chart.


1.8 Mb
Nov 26 2001

Eclipses parameters for the period -2000 à +3000 to be used with the calendar function.

Meade Plugin v1.51g


0.4 Mb
Oct 23 2004
Plugin for Meade telescopes. Can be used with LX200, Autostar, Magellan I/II and other systems using the LX200 protocol.
Include a correction for the Autostar and focus command.
V 1.51: Many functions added by Renato Bonomini

Encoder Plugin 1.2

0.4 Mb
Oct 23 2004

Plugin for Tangent type encoders. Can be used with encoder interface box using the Tangent protocol like the Ouranos, AAM or NGC-MAX box.
V 1.2: Orion Intelliscope support by Gary Carpenter
ASCOM Plugin v1.2 0.3 Mb
Sep 3 2005
Plugin for all telescope supported by the ASCOM platform. Please unzip to Ciel\ directory
You also need to install the latest version available from

Complete package 2.76

Use ed2k network

15 Mb
Nov 23 2004
Group the following install files :
All the above package and the nebulae and Sky2000 V3 catalog, and the utility programs.

Updates : 

Version 2.76c update 1.2 Mb
May 19 2007
Use this file to upgrade to the latest version after you install one of the 2.76 package above.
This update fix the following:
  • Download of asteroid and comet element after CfA URL change.
  • File format change for ASTORB.
  • Error message when starting the program on Windows Vista.
  • Additional catalogues:


    380MB - 2.2GB 
    3 Oct 2009
    UCAC3 catalog : 100 million stars to magnitude 16.
    Required Tycho-2 catalog 


    4.7 Mb 
    12 dec 2002
    Hipparcos catalog : 118'000 stars to magnitude 8.5. 

    Sky2000 v4

    6.1 Mb
    Dec 21 2004
    Master Stars Catalog version 4 : 300' 000 stars to magnitude 9. 

    Tycho-2 Part 1

    14 Mb
    Apr 4 2000
    900'000 stars from Tycho-2 catalog to magnitude 11.0
    Require Cartes du Ciel version 2.5
    Use this catalog in preference to Tycho-1 or Tycho Input for its better precision.

    Tycho-2 Part 2


    26 Mb
    Apr 4 2000
    1'600'000 stars from Tycho-2 catalog between magnitude 11 and 12.
    Require Tycho-2 Part1 be installed first.


    CuraNet mirror

    1.9 Mb
    Nov 26 2001
    68'179 variable stars from  GCVS, NSV and EVS

    Multiples stars

    2.8 Mb 
    Dec 21 2004
    100'626 multiple stars from WDS 2004, new version with improved star position.


    CuraNet mirror

    1 Mb
    Apr 15 2000
    40'000 nebulae from 6 catalogs (NGC+IC,LBN,RC3,OCL,GCM,GPN).
    Equivalent to the catalog include to the base version up to version 2.44


    5.2 Mb
    Apr 1 2000
    193'898 galaxies from PGC1999 catalog.
    See also the ASG page below for 1 million galaxies catalog.
    Additional catalogues Mar 12 2004 Additional external catalogues ready to import.
    More catalogues Mar 12 2004 More catalogues prepared by Martin Schoenball.
    ASG Catalog page  

    This page contain new or updated catalog for use with Cartes du Ciel.
    Among many interesting pieces you will find the PGC2005 with 1.3 million galaxies!
    Many thank's to Jeff Burton for is excellent work.

    Search Index
    SAO 1.7 Mb
    Sep 22 1999
    Index to search by Smithsosian Astrophysical Observatory SAO number
    BD 3.2 Mb
    Sep 22 1999
    Index to search by Bonner Durchmusterung and Southern Durchmusterung BD number 
    CD 4 Mb
    Sep 22 1999
    Index to search by Cordoba Durchmusterung CD number
    CPD 3 Mb
    Sep 22 1999
    Index to search by Cape Photographic Durchmusterung CPD number
    HD 2.8 Mb
    Sep 22 1999
    Index to search by Henry Draper catalog number including extentions.
    GC 0.4 Mb
    Sep 22 1999
    Index to search by Boss General Catalog GC number



    Nov 11 2002

    Install this file to use the calendar feature as an independent program.
    CatGen 1.3 610Kb
    Sep 27 2002
    Generate new catalog by yourself with this tool. Can be used with almost any catalog text file available from the CDS or ADC. Now include the help file!
    Constellation figure modification program 338 Kb
    June 24 2001
    Program to modify the constellation figure lines.
    TLE download Version 2.0 860 Kb
    January 4 2004
    A program by Christopher Welfare to simpify the update of artificial satellites TLE files. This program is run from the "TLE download" button in the calendar.
    Please read this notice and register for a Space-Track account before to use this data.
    If you don't already install the Visual Basic 6.0 runtime you also need this file: VBRun60sp5.exe (1Mb). In the case you receive an error message about msinet.ocx you can get it here.
    Old catalogs now obsolete
    Obsolete   Tycho and Tycho Input catalog
    Original catalogues conversion utilities :
    You may use this programs to convert original catalogue files for use with "Sky Charts"
    Please read the following note containing more information on how to install this catalogs.
    This programs are intended only if you already own the original catalog to avoid you have to download another version. If this is not the case I suggest you download the smallest binary version for Tycho-2, Tycho, Tycho Input from this page or GSC Compact.
    UCAC2 32 Kb
    Feb 21 2005
    Catalogue UCAC2
    Provisional version with star to magnitude 16 on 3 cdrom

    ftp (funet)

    250 Kb
    Sep 22 1999
    1' 058' 332 stars to magnitude 11.5
    Catalogue I/239  (103 Mb gziped)
    Required file : tyc_main.dat in Unix format (without CR)


    Funet mirror

    171 Kb
    Apr 1 2000
    Tycho-2 catalog 2'557'501 stars to magnitude 12
    CDrom Tycho-2 or download : Tycho-2 ou CDS
    Required files  : catalog.dat, suppl_1.dat, index.dat in DOS format.
    Require Cartes du Ciel version 2.5 
    Tycho Input

    ftp (funet)

    250 Kb
    Sep 22 1999
    3' 154' 204 stars to magnitude 12.1
    Catalogue I/197A (51 Mb compressed)
    Required files : tic1 , tic2 , tic3 , tic4  in Unix format (without CR)

    HST Guide Star

    Funet mirror

    299 Kb
    Apr 24 2001

    19'000'000 stars to magnitude 15 
    Required files : 9537 files nnnn.gsc on two CD
    New version : allow to filter multiple entries and non stellar objects.
    note: The original FITS file may also be use directely. This program don't work with the GSC compact version

    Windows 95 bug :
    If you run Windows 95 or Windows 98 and you receive a message about a missing export OLEAUT32.DLL:VarNot, please install the dcom update from Microsoft:
    for Windows 98:
    for Windows 95:
    If you have an old copy of the COMCTL32.DLL in \windows\system (file older than 08/24/96) you must upgrade it to the newest version from Microsoft.
    msvcrt.dll   The file MSVCRT.DLL may be missing from older Windows 95 installation. You can install it using this file.
    riched20.dll 280 Kb This file is requiered to fix the RichEdit line insertion error.
    Download this one if you don't have this file in your Windows System directory.
    (the file is normally shipped with MS Office 97, MS Internet Explorer 4.0, MS Windows NT 4.0).
    Please do not replace an existing file.
    ATI Graphic card bug :
    If you use an ATI graphic card and the program crash at launch with a variety of error message invoking planetrender.dll or atioglx.dll please install the version 4.4 of the Catalyst driver from ATI
    This problem may affect other graphic card driver, look at the file readme.txt for more information. The best solution is always to install a new driver version.

    Since 1999-09-22