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There is now many options to get a copy of Sky Charts / Cartes du Ciel on CDrom.
I have not enough free time to do that myself, so I want to thank all the people that produce this CDrom. Please note that the program is alway free, the price you have to pay for the CDrom is only to cover the prodution cost or for other elements include on the same cd.
As the program version available on this site is often modified you can find the necessary update files on this page. This is a much smaller download than the full version.
Deepsky 2003 This is a very nice software for observation planning and logging.
Include the Complet Package 2.75 and the Virtual Moon Atlas.
You can also use the Deepsky version of the Tycho and GSC catalog.
Le ciel au fil
des mois
This book by André Cajolais give use a very interesting object selection for each constellation. It include a free CDrom containing Sky Charts version 2.74 with all the catalogs and the GSC.
See this page for more details (in French)
AstroCD n°3 Includes the program version 2.42, the TYCHO catalogue (1' 058' 332 stars to magnitude 11.5), the TYCHO INPUT (3' 154' 204 stars to magnitude 12.1) and all the index to search in GC, HD, SAO, BD, CD, CPD catalogues. 
Use this link to order or for more information (in French).
Other CDrom compilation Look directly at the following pages to find more information about the CDrom that contain the Sky Chart version. You can also find copy of the USNO-A catalog.