Sky Charts 


The minimum hardware configuration to run this program is: 

CPU       :  Pentium
Memory    :  16 MB  
Free Disk space :  10-130 Mb 
Video     :  640x480 64k colours 
Software  :  Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP.
The following hardware configuration is recommended: 
CPU       :  Pentium 166 
Memory    :  32 Mb 
Free Disk space  :  10-130 Mb 
Video     :  600x800 or 1024x768 
Printer   :  Colour 300 dpi
  1. Run the installation program.
  2. If this is the first installation of Sky Charts, indicate the directory where you want to install the software. For example " C:\Program Files\Ciel"
    Otherwise keep the same directory for all the different module and catalog.
  3. See "readme.txt" or  "doc.html " for more informations.

After installation, the program is configured to use "Bright Stars" as the star catalog. To use other star catalogs you might have installed, it is necessary to launch the program and then click on Catalog Parameters", enter 45 in "Field Min." for " Bright Stars Catalog ". Activate the check box for the new catalog, for example: "Sky2000 ", " Tycho Catalog", " Tycho Input Catalog". Make sure there is no overlap in the "Min. and Max." field width for the catalogs, and indicate 0 for the "Min." of the last catalog entry. If a catalog is installed in another directory, adjust the field " File " to indicate the correct path correspondingly.
You do not have to modify all these parameters immediately after installation, because they can be adjusted later according to your requirements. See the online help for more details of the initialization procedure.

In some peculiar network configuration your modem can dial-up when you start ciel.exe, or your network is not detected and the "Online resources" function stay grayed. To solve this problemes, run "options.exe" and choice "1 Do not control network presence at startup".

Removing the program:

To completely remove this program you have to use the Windows uninstall utility, then erase all remaing files from the installation directory.