Aurigids Meteors 2007


I observered the Aurigids northwest of Moro, OR. My primary sky observing area was from Ursa Minor to the Hyades. Three cameras were used with 14mm, 28mm and 35mm lens. The camera with 14mm lens caught a bright Aurigid clipped by the edge of the image frame. The camera with 35mm lens did not capture any Aurigids. The camera with 28mm lens captured two small Aurigids on two separate images (DSC3072 image is the top meteor at 4:20 and DSC3076 image is the bottom meteor at 4:55) and both images were combined to show the radiant affect above.

Image Details
Constellation Aurgia with the bright star Capella is center left in the image. M38 is below and to the left of the top meteor. M37 is below the bottom meteor. M36 is between the two meteors. M45 Pleiades is in top right image corner. Hyades with the star Aldebaran is lower center left edge of image. Red Mars is 30 percent the way between the Hyades and the bottom meteor. Mars is between NGC1746 (left) and NGC1647 (right).

Observing Details

Imaging Equipment Configuration

Imaging Processing


Use Test patterns to calibrate monitor brightness, contrast, height and width