QSI 520 CCD Camera on Pentax 75mm SDHF APO Refractor

QSI 520wsci CCD Camera and Pentax 75 mm refractor

The QSI 520wsci CCD camera is a cooled camera used for astrophotography. The above photo shows the QSI 520wsci camera mounted on a Pentax 75mm SDHF APO telescope with an Optec, Inc NextGEN Ultra WideField 0.7XL telecompressor. With no telecompressor the FOV is 60.7 x 80.9 arcmin at 3.04 arcsec/pix and the focal length is 500mm at f/6.7. With the NextGEN Ultra WideField 0.7XL telecompressor the FOV is 86.8 x 115.7 arcmin at 4.34 arcsec/pix and the focal length is 351mm at f/4.7. The NextGEN Ultra WideField telecompressor fits into the OPT 60.2mm to 2" Sleeve Adapter for Pentax telescopes. The Pentax focuser is racked out 41.6 mm when using the telecompressor.

QSI 520wsci CCD Camera Imaging Components

QSI 520wsci CCD Camera Specifications
The QSI 520wsci CCD Camera uses a Kodak KAI-2020CM CCD sensor. The QSI camera electronics has with very low noise and very good temperature regulation. Its small size makes it a good match for the small Pentax 75mm SDHF APO and the Sirius mount. One 11 pound counter weight is used.

David Haworth QSI 520wsci Images