OMSI Astrophotography Conference 2007 Summary

Introduction to Astronomy Image Processing for
Electronic and Film Cameras

Saturday, March 10, 2007, 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) Auditorium
1945 SE Water Avenue
Portland, OR 97214-3354

Astrophotography using electronic cameras and film cameras provides many benefits such as observing fainter details, making scientific measurements and producing stunning images that are shared with others. A key part of astrophotography is using image processing software to remove camera defects, lens defects and telescope defects. Also, image processing seems to have a magical ability to reduce sky glow and to enhance hidden details in the image.

The OMSI Astrophotography Conference covered the various aspects of image processing from the basics to advanced techniques. This conference was for attendees with no image processing experience to those who use image processing for their astro images.

The first session in the morning introduced the fundamentals of image processing as applied to astrophotography and provided a foundation for sessions that follow. The other sessions showed how to plan your image taking and how raw camera images are transformed into spectacular images of the universe. A special session on scientific measurements gave an overview of astrometry and photometry and demonstrate how to use image processing software to make astrometry and photometry measurements on images.

Two image processing labs, one using Photoshop and the other using free software, showed step-by-step how to improve astro images.

This OMSI conference is sponsored and hosted by Jim Todd.

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OMSI Astrophotography Conference 2007 agenda PDF (20KB)

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