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I have more than just a passing interest in Nikola Tesla and his inventions. You see, I built a Tesla Coil, (TC), a long time ago and have just started a new one, and I've studied his life and inventions in great detail. I actually caught the bug in high school, when I saw one demonstrated in an electronics class. Absolutely mesmerizing, the way the sparks flew off in all directions, the color, the noise and the way it lit up bulbs without connections.

Well, this will be my page about my new projects and findings. I'll have pictures and notes on construction, materials, configurations, experiments and all kinds of stuff, so stay tuned, so to speak!

The issue of safety can NOT be over emphasized! If you don't know what you are doing, this stuff can kill you. Please just watch the sparks fly and leave the experimentation to those of us that know what we're doing.

It has come to my attention that there are a lot of people out there claiming to be Tesla followers and expounding strange misinterpretations of some of his later work. Nikola Tesla made quite a few technological claims throughout his life, many of which he saw to fruition, many were simply too advanced even for him to develop. It is upon these more advanced ideas that these people feed. For example, Tesla's claims to have heard "messages from outer space" was indeed true-he heard regular radio signals from extrasolar objects such as pulsars and such, however these objects were simply beyond the science of the times and were therefore misinterpreted.

Current "Teslarians" are advancing theories such that Tesla actually talked to aliens, and other such preposterous interpretations. I want it to be known that Tesla did not expand on these discoveries, and I certainly do not believe in them either. As for the belief that some of his later claims of the performance of his inventions were exagerated, this is simply a case of his ideas outpacing technology and materials of the day. The Tesla turbine is a perfect example. Its performance was and is extraordinary, but the materials for construction at the time were inferior to the task. Once again, this failure was wrongly attributed to the design.

Please, enjoy your visit to these pages, and feel free to contact me at the address below with any questions or suggestions you may have concerning coiling etc!


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