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An Illinois amateur astronomy society; join us to explore the wonders of the Universe!


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NAA and Covid-19

Although we put our in-person meetings and observing sessions on hold due to Covid-19, we are now streaming them.
You can still see our schedule on our calendar, view our next streaming event on our streaming page, and view all prior streaming events on our YouTube Channel.

Welcome to our website!

The Naperville Astronomical Association is an astronomy club with a membership of over two-hundred individuals and families, mainly from the southwest Chicagoland area. What we share is an interest in exploring the universe beyond our planet, both with our eyes and our minds. What we have found is that our enjoyment of our hobby can be enhanced when we share it with others; the young with the old, the beginner with the advanced amateur and the professional.

We hope that the information to be found on pages of this site helps you to enjoy astronomy, too!

View our latest streaming event!

Astronomy Fundamentals Program
Astrophotography - simplified pre and post processing

Jun 15

Click here to view prior streaming events on our YouTube channel.

Illinois Coalition for Responsible Outdoor Lighting
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The Astronomical League The NASA Night Sky Network
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