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Welcome to Chicagoland Astro-Ads! This page is provided as a free service to amateur astronomers in the greater Chicago, Illinois area as a place to post astronomy related classified ads, and to shop for used astronomy equipment within a reasonable radius, enabling buyers to personally connect with the sellers. Your hosts are the Naperville Astronomical Association, one of Chicagoland's many fine amateur astronomy clubs. To submit an ad, see the information at the bottom of this page.

--A word of caution to users of this page: The Internet is prowled by crooks, too. If your ad is posted here, you may get responses from various scam artists as well as serious purchasers. And while we've never had any complaints about scam postings, we cannot guarantee the honesty of the people posting ads here, either. Again, the purpose of this service is to help local astronomers connect; we suggest that you complete your transactions face-to-face! (To you crooks, go looking elsewhere for victims; this page is for local U.S. sales, and the sellers here aren't going to ship overseas!)--

Current Listings:

  • Meade 12" Lightbridge and accessories
    Asking price: $1100
    Description: Wonderful 1 year old 12" Lightbridge f/5 truss tube reflector on dobsonian base. I've had it out to the dark site twice. It provides wonderful views and is a snap to assemble. Reason for selling this almost new package is that a very close friend recently passed away and willed me his 15" Obsession. Otherwise, I'm completely satisfied with this telescope.
    Here are the basic details: . Open truss tube design with new anti-reflection coatings on trusses and castings . 12-inch aperture and a focal length of 1524-millimeters . Focal ratio is f/5 . Laminated base features roller bearings on the azimuth axis The package for sale here includes: . Mounted handles on the base and main mirror tube for easier carrying . Meade Light Shroud with custom stiffeners . Celestron Collimation Eyepiece 1.25"OTA cooling fan . Deluxe 4-Reticle Red Dot Viewfiner . 2" Crayford-Style Focuser with 1.25" Adapter . Exposed MDF edges of the pressboard base and tube are coated with clear silicone . Original owner's manual . Signed copy of my book, Objects in the Heavens . EYEPIECES: - Teleview Panoptic 2" x 27mm - Explore Scientific 18mm waterproof - 82 view - Meade 2" x 26mm QX Wide Angle
    Will not ship but willing to meet anywhere in the Chicagoland area.
    Contact: Peter Birren
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Phone: 773-654-3950
    Posted: July 23, 2017

  • Meade 10" LX 200 EMC Excellent condition with many accessories
    Asking price: $2800
    INCLUDES: Meade Super Wedge, Fork mount, Tripod, Meade Dew Shield, Sliding Weight Bar, Eyepiece Diagonal 2"and 1.25", Meade Reducer / Corrector (F6.3), Camera mount,
    Eyepieces ( 2"OD): Tele Vue Nagler 22mm type 4, Tele Vue Panoptic 35mm, Meade Plossl 56mm, Eyepieces (1.25"OD): TeleVue Nagler 7mm , Meade Plossel 26mm,
    Kendrick Dew Heater Controller With Heating Bands, plus other supporting accessories. I live in Bolingbrook, IL, appointments can be scheduled to view entire setup.
    Contact: Ken Hodonsky
    Location: Bolingbrook, IL
    Posted: May 22, 2017

  • Orion SkyQuest XT8
    Asking price: $275 or best offer
    Orion SkyQuest XT8 (8" Dobsonian) in excellent condition. Supports both 1.25" and 2" eyepiece and includes TelRad laser finder. Includes a truly useful set of eyepieces: 25mm Orion (standard with the scope), 2x Barlow Shorty, 8mm TMB Planetary II, and 40mm Meade 5000 Plossl 2" with wide FOV which is super useful eyepiece, plus a nebula filter, city light filter, and a home-made solar filter (great for viewing planetary transits and sun spots). Excellent light collection. Successful for viewing planets, moon, star clusters, splitting doubles, nebula, transits, and more. Easy to transport in a car.
    Note: This is only being sold because we're downsizing into a city condo with no room to keep it; otherwise, would never part with it.
    Contact: Roger Merel
    Location: Naperville, IL
    Posted: May 15, 2017

  • Celestron Super C8 (~1987)
    Asking price: best offer
    INCLUDES: optional Starbright Coatings, finder scope, fork mount with Byers worm gear drive, wedge and field tripod, aluminum case, includes 3 eyepieces, each in a container: 26mm Plossl (77 power), 12.5mm Plossl (160 power), 7mm Orthoscopic (285 power); a camera adapter; a 1-" diagonal; a battery pack able to run the scope and a 12v cable to plug in a car outlet.
    ACCESSORIES: a Thousand Oaks brand full aperture Solar Filter; a JMI Motofocus electronic focuser drive; off-axis guider with 0.62X reducer and set of six color filters A Minolta film camera and cable releases are included for free, considering their vintage. The scope can be sold with or without Accessories, should you not desire any of them. As a point of reference, I believe the scope and all accessories are worth about $600. All reasonable offers will be considered. Photos and an observing report are available. I live in Port Byron, IL but have a condo in Downers Grove, so seeing the equipment can be arranged.
    Contact: Karl Adlon
    Phone: 309-230-6429
    Location: Downers Grove, IL
    Posted: October 18th, 2016

  • 20" Obsession Classic F/5 Telescope
    Asking price: $4500
    Description: I live in McHenry, IL - close to the Wisconsin border- and am a member of the Milwaukee Astronomical Society ( MAS ). I am selling my 20" Obsession Classic F/5 Telescope. It is in very good condition and I am the second owner. This particular telescope has 2 features you cannot get any longer - a mirror done by John Hudek of Galaxy Optics (according to their website they are only re-coating mirrors now and genuine ebony star formica on the altitude bearings (its no longer being made -the current "ebony star" is not anywhere near the same texture).
    Mirrors by Galaxy Optics were one of the most sought after brands of primary mirrors and this one is a great example: "Here's the test data for SN01842: PV = 0.235 RMS = 0.036 Astigmatism = 0.197 Strehl Ratio = 0.950 The mirror is excellent."
    Scope includes custom shroud, dual speed JMI 2"/1.25 focuser, telrad finder. I am going to put it up on eBay for 5000.00 but will offer for local parties for 4500.00 cash ( paypal is fine too but we will need to at least split the fees) as I would prefer not to ship the scope.
    Please feel free to respond with any questions or if you'd like pictures.
    Contact: Patrick Sutton
    Location: McHenry, IL
    Posted: October 18th, 2016

  • Home Brewed 10" Dob
    Asking price: $250
    Description: Built as Astronomy class project. Primary is a Meade 10" x F4.8, secondary and spider came with first mirror from Ebay (Meade also I assume.) Rocker box and cradle made from marine grade epoxy coated plywood. Rocker box and ground board ride on a delrin sheet with nylon bearing pads. Altitude bearing is Formica on nylon. Stainless steel hardware throughout. Tube cradle is adjustable ( tube can move within cradle and locked at different heights .) Requires painting inside and out. Come with a High Point right angle correct view 8x50mm finder scope, Orion basic 1.25 rack-and pinion focus-er,also comes with 3 eyepieces, 1. Meade 4000 series Super Plossi eyepieces @ 9.7mm 2. Meade MA 17.5mm 3. Meade MA 25mm. The scope knocks down quickly into the three components for transportation, facilitated by large stainless steel handles. I've had only had one opportunity to use the scope, didn't know that lunar observation requires filter.. do now! I just don't have the time for this toy and tired of cleaning around it.
    Contact: Charles Hartman
    Location: Sandwich, IL
    Phone: 815 970 5763
    Posted: October 10th, 2016

  • Celestron 6 inch f/8 Refractor OTA with Upgraded Focuser and Hard Case
    Asking price: $650
    Description: Celestron C6R Refractor (retail $500) is very nice, but it's big and heavy for me. Achromatic refractor. Pinpoint starts. Some violet fringe on bright objects like the moon and Jupiter. 2 speed Moonlite refractor was added on, (retail $375), 50" Hard case keeps the refractor secure. (retail $125). No diagonal included. Great scope, just isn't used in my normal rotation.
    Photos located here
    Cloudy Nights review located here
    Shipping: Will not Ship, but I'm willing to meet someone in the Chicagoland area.
    Contact: Jim Erwin
    Location: Romeoville, IL
    Phone: 630-487-1574 cell/text
    Posted: August 23rd, 2016

  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SOLD - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Orion XT10i Dobsonian Reflector with Intelliscope Controller
    Asking price: $700
    Description: This was my first dob and I loved it, but I bought a bigger one and this one sits unused night after night. The 10" dobsonian is the largest dob that can fit across a back seat of a car without needing a truss tube design. I had this at our dark sites many times, and at 10" it's large enough to see a lot of objects in the night sky. The XT10i (retail $849) comes with a Telrad finder (retail $40), Bob's knobs (retail $21), a Padded Telescope Case (retail $121) and a custom cooling fan, and I flocked the tube around the primary and secondary mirrors. There also is a removable eyepiece tray on the base that will hold 4 x 2" eyepieces. I only tried using the Intelliscope DSC a few times, and it was before I knew a lot of stars so it would almost always timeout before I could complete an alignment, but I became pretty good at star hopping because of this scope. I'd personally say it's an excellent scope for a beginner, intermediate, or an expert that doesn't want the hassle of lugging out a giant scope. If you are board when waiting on your astro imaging to finish it's exposure this dob will be your best friend. I did drop the lens cover about 3 days after I bought it, so it has 2 external chips that don't impact the view, but it's worth noting.
    Photos located here

    Location: Romeoville, IL
    Posted: August 23rd, 2016

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SOLD - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


To submit an ad for posting, e-mail the ad information to: . Be sure to include your full name (no anonymous postings!); also an e-mail address and/or telephone number where potential buyers can reach you. You must provide your city; you may also include a street address if you would like it listed. We do not host photographs of your items on our site, but you may include links to photos or other details if you have them on your own webspace.

Ads must be of an astronomical nature; they can include items wanted or for sale, information wanted, or searches for other area amateurs sharing a specific interest with you. The service area for this page is a 70 mile radius from Naperville, Illinois; this includes Racine Wis.; Rockford, Ottawa and Kankakee Ill.; Michigan City, Ind.; and, of course, Chicago. The concept is for buyers to be in reasonable driving distance from sellers.

The Naperville Astronomical Association reserves the right to edit ad content and select whether or not to run any ads submitted, and in no way provides any warranties on their content or the materials listed in them, nor accepts any responsibility for typographic errors. The N.A.A. will attempt to post submitted ads reasonably promptly, and remove them in the same manner when the submitter instructs us via e-mail to do so, but is not able to guarantee this service. We may remove ads which have remained posted for an extended period on our own.

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