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Wanted: Mach1 or AP900
Asking Price: Offer
Seller: Wenhan Chang
City: Chicago
State: IL
Posted: Jan 11, 2022
Hi all,

I wish you all had a wonderful holiday.

After being approached by several scams at CN and AM, I wonder if any of our local members is considering selling their Mach1 or AP900 mount? If so, please email me an offer and I could pick it up in person.

Thank you and clear skies!
Stellarvue Telescope entire setup
Asking Price: 2350.00
Seller: Michael J Fulayter Jr
Phone: 7082614424
Street Address: 2902 Campbell St
City: Joliet
State: IL
Posted: Nov 27, 2021
Pictures and/or more info:
This is a complete telescope setup, everything you need and then some. This setup cost over $3000. It's in absolute mint condition. I set it up in the backyard 3 times. I just don't have time to enjoy it.

Celestron 93441 Ultima Duo Eyepiece, 1.25/2-Inch, 8mm (Black)
Celestron T to C Adapter for Ultima Duo Eyepeices (93611)
Celestron Advanced VX Computerized Mount
Celestron 18778 AC Adapter (Black)
Celestron NexImage 5 MP 5 Solar System Imager with Micron Digital Clarity Technology, Black (93711)
Celestron Power Tank
Stellarvue SV70ed with Case
Tripod Mount System M002CS
Stellarvue E1002 2x Barlow
Stellarvue 32mm eyepiece
Stellarvue 12mm eyepiece
35mm camera body adaptor to telescope
Skywatcher ED 120 refractor
Asking Price: $450
Seller: George Simon
Street Address: 2490 GOLF RIDGE CIR
State: IL
Posted: Aug 24, 2021
Scope was bought used from Cloudy nights Classifieds. OTA (and case) only with lens covers and 2" diagonal with 1-1/4" adapter. Has a finder base but no finder. Also a 1.25" 5mm Skywatcher 1.25" eyepiece and 20mm eyepiece, which I have not used. Glass is very clean. Not-so-good items: 1) focuser is stiff and may need attention. Telescope case looks good but appears to start coming apart if picking up by the handles. Cradling the scope case works and it works fine for storage. Need to clear out some space and this is somewhat large and bulky.
Odyssey Compact 10.1" Dobsonian
Asking Price: $50
Seller: Alan Krol
Phone: +16308648563
Street Address: 1250 Oakton Ln
City: Naperville
State: IL
Posted: Jul 27, 2021
Odyssey Compact 10.1" f/4.5 Dobsonian Type Telescope for sale. Purchased in 1985 and have spent many enjoyable observing hours with this scope. DOES NOT INCLUDE EYEPIECE. Includes Telrad Reflex Sight Finder.
Celestron CGEM for sale or trade
Asking Price: $750
Seller: Todd Puch
City: Lake Forest
State: IL
Posted: May 16, 2021
Celestron CGEM mount for sale or trade. Item is in excellent condition, and was used only in my back/side yards. I have not used it for a couple of years, but when last used was fully functional. Due to the weight of this item, I will not ship it, but am willing to arrange pick-up or drop-off in the Chicago/Northern IL area. Cash or Paypal/Venmo only.
Will consider trade for interesting optics, or hunting/fishing gear.
Photos available via email on request.
Meade LX 200 8"
Asking Price: $2500
Seller: Harvey Meyers
Phone: 1 630-668-1703
Street Address: 1111 Dawes Ave.
City: Wheaton
State: IL
Posted: Apr 21, 2021
Item Original Price

LX200 GPS UHTC coating 8" $2,475
Dew Shield $36
Flip Mirror $150
Crawford Focuser $200
Antares 7x50 Finder $83
Bob's Knobs $17
Peterson EZ Focus $30
Peterson EZ Clutch $30
Solar Filter $0
JMI Case $389
Multiple Ocular Holder $40

Total Original $3,450

Asking $2500

Sold together - will not split
Local only
Original Box
Will be glad to demonstrate
Astronomy Estate Sale
Asking Price: Refer to Description
Seller: Adrien and Michelle Binet
Phone: 3128024955
City: Glen Ellyn
State: IL
Posted: Jun 5, 2020
Pictures and/or more info:
There are too many items to list here but we've created a Google Sheets document that anyone can open and view. We've listed our assumed retail and resale price to give an idea of what we are looking for. All prices are open to negotiations and preference will be given to those buying in bulk. We've also included links of what these items are from the internet as photographing each piece would be too time consuming. We can provide additional photos upon request.

Thank you for looking. We will keep Google Sheets updated as this moved along.
Red items are not available for sale anymore.
SBIG ST-i color planetary and autoguider camera
Asking Price: $200
Seller: Eric Claeys
Phone: 630 200-5890
Street Address: 1307 Champagne Court
City: Naperville
State: IL
Posted: Sep 25, 2018
Updated: Jul 8, 2020
These go for $595 new.
The camera is in great condition and comes with a case and cables.
I used it in my Off-Axis Guider, which I no longer use
Hyperstar for Celestron C11-HD
Asking Price: $500
Seller: Eric Claeys
Phone: 630 200-5890
Street Address: 1307 Champagne Court
City: Naperville
State: IL
Posted: Sep 25, 2018
Updated: Nov 29, 2018
I used the Hyperstar a few times, then got an astronomy camera so no longer use the Hyperstar. It's in excellent condition.
These are $999 new from Starizona.
It comes with a Nikon adapter (you can purchase a Canon one from Starizona) and an adapter for an SBIG 8300 camera.

For an extra $10 I'll throw in a Bhatinov mask made for use with the Hyperstar (it opens in the middle so you can put it on the C11 when the Hyperstar is on).
Celestron 6 inch f/8 Refractor OTA with Upgraded Focuser and Hard Case
Asking Price: $ 500
Seller: Jim Erwin
Phone: 630-487-1574 cell/text
City: Romeoville
State: IL
Posted: Aug 23, 2016
Pictures and/or more info:
Celestron C6R Refractor (retail $500) is very nice, but it's big and heavy for me. Achromatic refractor. Pinpoint stars. Some violet fringe on bright objects like the moon and Jupiter. 2 speed Moonlite refractor was added on, (retail $375), 50" hard case keeps the refractor secure. (retail $125).
No diagonal included.
Great scope, just isn't used in my normal rotation.

Cloudy Nights review located here

Shipping: Will not ship, but I'm willing to meet someone in the Chicagoland area.