Cartes du Ciel

November 5 2001 Testing version 2.7g with updated documentation.
September 30 2001 Testing version 2.7f
New catalog generation tool and change the look for the stars.
June 24 2001

Testing version 2.7e
Tool to modify the constellation figure lines.

May 14 2001 Testing version 2.7d
March 18 2001 New Greek translation and German help translation.
Correction for the SAC 7.2 catalog.
March 8 2001 New Italian help translation.
February 10 2001 Testing version 2.7c
February 4 2001 New and updated translation. See download page.
January 20 2001 Testing version 2.7b
January 6 2001

Testing version 2.7a
With telescope interface and other modifications.

October 24 2000 New version 3 of the catalog Sky2000 Master Catalog. 
There is only a few modification from version 2 (HD extension number and 61 more stars). Upgrading is probably not necessary if you already install the version 2.
September 3 2000 New high precision version of satxy.dll rewritten by Jeff Burton to calculate planetary satellites position.
New external catalog :
- General Catalogue of Herbig-Haro Objects.
- LX200 alignment stars.
August 10 2000 Version 2.61
- Update for SAC 7.2
- Continuously identify the objects in the pointer using Shift + move.
- Azimuthal coordinates entry, new keyboard shortcut "m".
- Search double stars by WDS identifier. (Require new WDS installation).
- Option to suppress the display of very extended objects.
- New Russian translation. New Polish and Czech help files translation.
- Minor problem correction.
June 30 2000 Deepsky 2000 version 2 interface.
Deepsky 2000 is a software that complement well Cartes du Ciel by its extended possibility for selection, searching object and observation logging.
You can now use Cartes du Ciel from Deepsky 2000 for the following function :
- Send objects from the Deepsky spreadsheet into Cartes du Ciel for display on its star charts.
- View real sky CD images in Cartes du Ciel by selecting the object to view from the Deepsky spreadsheet.
- Send objects from the Deepsky spreadsheet (GCVS catalog) into VarObs to display detailed information on variable stars and to plot light curves.
This interface require Cartes du Ciel version 2.6, VarObs 1.24 and Deepsky 2000 version 2.
Deepsky 2000 is a commercial software but this not change in any way the fact that Cartes du Ciel is and will remain a free software.
June 24 2000 Version 2.6 
- Update for SAC 7.1
- New Serbian translation.
- Few minor problem correction.
June 18 2000 Version 2.6 beta 2
- No date/time label for the planets if only one date is selected.
- Use the specified color for the galaxies
- Corrected a problem with the TAN projection.
- New SAC 7.1 update.
June 14 2000 Version 2.6 beta 1
- New catalog SAC 7.0
- More search options (SIMBAD and NED).
- New Hungarian translation.
- Use less memory and resources.
- More interface functions.
- Minor problem correction.
May 30 2000 Version 2.54
- Remove the icon from the standard button.
- Renew of some screen.
- Bug fixed :
  - Solve the bug with "Out of Resource", "Canvas do not allow...", "Win32 error..." messages.
  - A file is sometime not close when using Tycho-2.
  - Problem when zooming to a FITS image.
  - Color palettes are missing from the previous versions.
May 23 2000 Version 2.53
- New Romanian translation.
- Change zoom and movement increment by pressing Shift or Ctrl at the time as a keyboard key.
 - Bug fixed :
   - Error 103 when saving a chart.
   - Error in the calendar if there is no twilight for the observatory latitude.
   - Intercept Out of Memory and Out of Resources error then exit.
   - Check if search indexes are installed to avoid error message from catalog.dll.
May 12 2000 Version 2.52
  - Bug fixed :
     - Error in catalog.dll if only the first part of the Tycho-2 catalog is installed.
     - Suppress blank line when reading astorb.dat file. 
May 6 2000 Version 2.51
     - New Czech translation.
     - Possibility to limit the magnitude of labeled object.
     - Copy the calendar to the clip-board to allow import to a spreadsheet.
     - Change in the Vizier data format.
     - Add STSCI GSC 1.1 and GSC 1.2 to the online resources.
     - Minor bugs corrected.
April 15 2000 Version 2.5
New Polish translation.
April 12 2000 Updated version 2.5 beta4 with some correction :
     - Limite the field of vision to 10 minutes when using azimuthal projection.
     - Find printer resolution from more driver.
     - Set default printer resolution using options.exe if the driver don't give it. 
     - Possibility to use fractional standard time difference in some country.
April 9 2000 Updated version 2.5 beta3 with some correction :
     - Rise and set azimuth in identification window.
     - Program freeze when using autorefresh and another window is open.
     - Desactivate autorefresh when using the animation.
April 4 2000 Updated version 2.5 beta2 with some correction :
     - Possibility to don't print the legend
     - Azimuth indication on the horizon line
     - Identification windows is no longer modal.
     - Corrected a problem using Windows large font.
     - Show the constellation line in metafile.
The Tycho-2 catalog is now available for download.
April 1 2000 Version 2.5 beta is now available.
     - Azimuthal projection with custom horizon line.
     - Animations
     - Updated button's icon.
     - Add SAC 6.2 catalog.
     - Add Tycho-2 catalog.
     - Selection for azimuth origin.
     - World map to select the observatory.
     - Predefined field of vision and orientation button.
     - Limiting magnitude button.
     - Uranometria 2000 charts boundaries.
     - Save external catalog definition to files.
     - Search external catalog.
     - Search galaxy by PGC number (with the new PGC99 only)
     - Variables format files for external catalog.
     - Print chart title.
     - Print margin adjustment.
     - Better 600DPI printing.
     - Access all catalogs from a DLL with memory for the last area read.
     - Associate .cdc files with the software.
     - Better performances
     - Minor bugs corrected.
     - New installation procedure.
Updated catalogs : PGC1999, WDS2000, SKY2000 version 2
February 5 2000 New Thai translation
FTP download available from FUNET.
November 28 1999 Version 2.44. New Portuguese translation.
DDE interface and command line option for use with VAROBS
     - Add DDE server functions for communication with other programs.
     - Command line parameters.
     - New Portuguese translation.
     - Reactivate color image display.
November 21 1999 Version 2.43b
Correction for "Range check error" message when satxy.dll is not installed.
November 19 1999 Version 2.43a
Correction for "invalid floating point operation" message when using some planets appearance option.
Part of the source code is now available.
November 14 1999 Version 2.43. 
     - Position of the satellites of Mars,Jupiter,Saturn and Uranus.
     - Position of the planets between -3000 and +3000.
     - Saturn's ring.
     - Use precession for azimuthal chart.
     - Speed up planets calculation.
     - New Dutch translation.
     - Minor problems corrected.
October 31 1999 New Dutch translation. 
October 11 1999 Version 2.42. 
     - Better Moon position precision.
     - Print the calendar.
     - Correct twilight time after March 2000.
     - New translation in Spanish and Catalan.
     - Minor problems corrected.
September 22 1999 New hosting for this page. Many thank's to Stargazing Network and Cetus Technology Inc. 
September 19 1999 New version 2.41.
     - Add a main menu.
     - Move the chart using keyboard arrows.
     - Reverse the chart.
     - Search by variable star name.
     - Move finder circles.
     - More eyepieces definitions.
     - Keyboard shortcut.
     - Many minor problems corrected.
Update the GCVS catalog, now 68'179 variables stars with search index.
September 8 1999 SAO, HD, BD, GC index are now available.
All application files are now online.
September 6 1999 Files for Tycho Input Catalog are now available.
September 5 1999 Version 2.4 is released.
     - Use floating toolbars for the menu. 
     - Option to change grid steps (right click on grid icon) 
     - Add direct Internet access to : 
       - ESO/DSS2 images.
       - Asteroids elements updates from ASTORB database.
     - Compress data for Internet transfer when available.
     - RealSky® or DSS CD-rom support (need Realsky support file
     - Convolutions filters for images.
     - Add USNO-A2.0 CD-rom number.
     - Direct support for GSC compact without external program.
     - Night vision icon.
     - Calendar for twilight, planets and comets events.
     - HTML help with internal viewer.
     - Constellation label.
     - Select label size and color.
     - Add more finder circles
     - Set time zone automaticaly from Windows setting
     - Fix RichEdit problem by using RichEdit version 2 (riched20.dll).
     - Minor bugs fix.
version 2.32 June 7  1999 
Fix problem with longitudes > 100 degrees. Minor translation change.

version 2.31 May 29  1999 
Change in VizieR format for USNO-A and GSC catalog

version 2.3  April 25 1999 
International language support.
Direct Internet access to : 
       - SkyView and ESO/DSS images.
       - GSC and USNO-A catalogs from CDS or ESO. 
       - Update for comets and asteroids elements.
Constellations figures and boundaries.
Save chart as Windows metafile.
Color plane selection for images.
Eyepieces field display.
Add search by constelations name and stars common name, Bayer and Flamsteed name. 
Add USNO-A CD number in mount prompt.
Bugs fix.

Previous versions only in French. 

version 2.2 21 janvier   1999 
Modification du format de ASTORB.
Support du GSC compact du CDS.
Ajout des projections TAN et SIN. 

version 2.1  8 novembre  1998 
Identification détaillée des objets 
avec conditions de visibilités locales.
Support de USNO-A2.0. 

version 2.0  8 octobre   1998 
Ajout du PGC. 
Support d'images FITS.
Enregistrement d'une carte.
Mise à jours différée.
Modification des options par defauts
pour la version internet.

version 1.9 13 aout      1998 
Choix de polices de caractères.
Plus de fonctions pour les labels.

version 1.8  13 juin      1998 
Labels des objets.
Carte invisible sur la photo.
Support de la version originale (FITS) du GSC.

version 1.7  20 mai      1998 
Carte de position azimutales.
Index BD,CD,CPD complets.

version 1.6  10 mai      1998 
Insertion de photo en fond.
Blink carte-photo.
Catalogue d'étoiles pour Astrometrica.

version 1.5   2 mai      1998 
Calcul des mouvements propres,
ajout de USNO-SA1.0 .

version 1.4 28 avril     1998
Ajout des fichiers externes Cat1,Cat2 .
Calcul de masse des asteroides,
Simulation pour plusieurs dates,
Orientation de la fenêtre.

version 1.3 19 avril     1998 
Ajout des astéroides.

version 1.2  5 avril     1998 
Ajout des comètes.

version 1.1 30 mars      1998 
Ajout des planètes et de la lune.

version 1.0 17 mars      1998 
Première diffusion restreinte sur CD-ROM.

version 0.9 16 mars      1998 
SKY en zone de 15°

version 0.8  7 mars      1998 
Nouvelles fonctions d'affichage.

version 0.7  5 février   1998 
Ajout des catalogues GCVS,WDS,LBN,RC3,OCL,GCM,GPN.

version 0.6 28 janvier   1998 
Tri des fichiers par magnitude,
Ajout des indexes SAO.

version 0.5 25 janvier   1998 
Remplacement de la base de donnée SQL par des fichiers. 
Ajout du catalogue GSC.

version 0.2 15 janvier   1998 
Ajout des catalogues SKY,TIC,TYC.

version 0.1 27 décembre  1997 
Ajout des catalogues BSC,ACT,NGC.

version 0.0 15 novembre  1997 
Maquette utilisant le catalogue HD et une base de donnée SQL.