Sky Charts 

ASCOM telescope plugin


This plugin can be used with any telescope supported by the ASCOM Platform.
Please refer to to obtain the latest driver version and for more information.

Then use the main menu Telescope to select the Ascom plugin and start the interface. If you are asked to change the program time to auto-refresh reply Yes. If you observe by day time a warning is issued about accidentally pointing the telescope to the Sun, please be very careful with that.

For the first time use you need to select the driver to use and provide some configuration information depending the telescope you use.

Then click the "Connect button", the light must change to green and the telescope coordinates are displayed.

You can now set the geographical coordinates and time of the telescope using the values from your computer.

To free some space on the screen you can close the interface window by clicking the "Hide" button.
Refere to the main menu Telescope help to learn how to show the telescope position on the chart or to use the Goto facility if supported by your telescope.

Also if supported you can refine the local precision by using "Sync current object" on a nearby star at any time.

The configuration options are saved when you hide the window. Also save the default options in Cartes du Ciel menu to keep your interface choice.