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and Saturn Conjunction This is the alignment of Venus on the right and Saturn on the left of March 16, 1999
Jupiter, Venus and Mercury Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, top to bottom, over the hills West of Stone Haven. Unfortunately, this didn't scan as well as I'd hoped. Check the closeup below for Mercury's location.
setting behind the hills Here's a closeup of Mercury setting behind the hills.
More artsy
 fartsy... Venus and Jupiter next to my old permanent pier, "The Pieramyd".
Prime focus 
Jupiter and Venus Here's a prime focus picture of the Venus/Jupiter conjunction of 2/23/99. Venus is obviously the planet at the top. Jupiter's moons are, from top to bottom, I forget. I'll look it up and add it later. oops... This was perhaps one of the most exciting moments I've had at Stone Haven. To see these two brightest of planets in the same field of view, moons and all, was truly breathtaking! (There's a couple more like this with different exposure times on the page. just change the "1" to "2" or "3" and choose your favorite.)
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