These few images show the moon in different phases, including the last one which shows the full moon in total eclipse. Most of these are prime focus shots through the C8.

Here's a new one I took with eyepiece projection of Mare Crisium at the 2000 Grand Canyon Star Party. Note the rilles on the sea floor and the sun shining on the two mountains on the west side. I liked this one. (Unfortunately, the light specks in the middle are from dust on the scanner.)
Nice new moon Here's a nice new moon shot I took, I think it was the Monday after the Marathon, making it 3/16/99. I guess I got a couple nice shots that night. :-)

Full moon non-eclipsed This is one of the first pictures of the full moon I ever took. It's also the first one ever published. It was a local magazine called "Arizona Foothills", and they printed it upside down! At least they spelled my name right, and I got to put Stone Haven's name in there, too.
Half moon, 
taken 2/23/99 I liked this one alot! It was taken in broad daylight, on February 22, 1999, the same day as the Jupiter/Venus conjunction. I used a variable polarizing filter between the scope and the camera. Turned out nice, huh?
New moon-one of my first. I think this is one of the first shots of anything taken at prime focus through the C8. I use the term "focus" loosely, but it shows some nice detail, even so. :-)
Moon in full eclipse This, of course, is the total lunar eclipse of September 26,1996. I got this one in all its gory detail at prime focus on the ground at Stone Haven, from the roof through a 200mm telephoto and on video tape from the roof, also. I thought I was going to have some help, having invited a number of people to attend, but no one showed up. I got a good workout though, running up and down the ladder to the roof, and a ton of good pictures at all stages of eclipse. It was great! It kind of started my portfolio off with a bang.

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