Here it is, my Amateur Telescope Making page.

Strange as it may seem, I kinda got roped into it. I had a hunch it would happen some time, and that sometime turns out to be now.

The previous entries in this page will be moved and re-linked. Fear not!

The old Pierre Schwaar chair refurbishment project.
Follow the link to see the restoration unfold.

The NEW Pierre Schwaar Binocular Chair redesign.

NOTE:Some new CAD drawings added 11/19/07.


Pierre's chair restoration was completed on April 14, 2007

and rolled out for our annual Pot Luck/Star Party. The chair

broke, 2 minutes before guests began arriving. A repair was made,

which lasted an hour or two before it broke again. I did manage to

view a few things before it broke and the optics are fantastic.

I've decided to abandon the restoration, as it was never clear the chair

worked reliably on a consistant basis. I've had enough with restoring

it-now I'm going to fix it. I've drawn the basics into CAD and plan to

take some time off, then re-engineer and build it so it will be more user friendly. Clicking on the CAD drawing links to a PDF, suitable for printing. Any suggestions for improvement will be given due consideration.

I never did get it to balance properly, and the batteries strapped to the sides as seen above are just ugly.

I'll fix it. Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath. :-)


Here's the link to the older pages of Amateur Telescope Making. In the mean time, here's a picture of the 12.5" F/4.9 telescope I made for Glenn. That's him on the left, me on the right.

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