Neon Light Spectrum

Neon Light Neon Light Neon Light

Neon light is used for spectrograph calibration. The neon emission lines provide known spectrum wavelengths. The GE Neon Night Light 58417 is used and it plugs into 120 VAC green extension cord. The night light is placed in front of the spectrograph lens. Part of the night light plastic cover was removed in order to directly see the neon bulb.

Neon Light

38 Degrees Astronomical Spectrograph

Neon Spectrum
Neon light spectrum using the 38 degrees spectrograph.

The below neon spectrum graph was created by IRIS V5.58. IRIS converted the Nikon D70 NEF image file to a RGB FIT file. The RGB FIT file was loaded into IRIS. The following IRIS commands were used to window the spectrum, mirror the spectrum so that the short wavelength is on the left side, select the center 100 spectrum rows, combine the rows to increase signal to noise ratio and plot the result.

The IRIS emission lines and the plot were screen captured and reduce by half for the below image.

First bright green emission line is 5400.5618. The brightest yellow emission line is 5852.4879. The emission lines are thick because the spectrograph slit was opened to 22.

Neon Light

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