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I acquired the Meade LPI from Sean's Astronomy Shop on December 21, 2003. I used it for the first time that night to image Saturn (see above image). The clouds where moving in that night so after I took some quick Saturn images with the Philips ToUcam I used the LPI without reading the manual. I set up the LPI to take a series of images and save all the images as BMP files. Later I processed these images with RegiStax software.

The Meade LPI (Lunar Planetary Imager) camera is a small 640x480 color camera that is used with a computer with an USB interface. The LPI can be used as an autoguider to control Meade telescopes through the AutoStar Suite software. The Meade LPI Camera is operated with the Meade LPI camera program that is a part of Meade's AutoStar Suite. Meade AutoStar Suite includes the LPI camera, LPI camera software, image processing software, planetarium software and cables to control Meade telescopes. I do not own any Meade telescopes therefore I use the LPI on non-Meade telescopes.

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