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Imaging The Sky Conference 2005

Astroimaging with Dedicated CCD Cameras & Digital SLR Cameras,
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Saturday, July 23, 2005
Gresham, Oregon


Large aperture telescopes extend an astronomer’s ability to observe fainter objects and fainter details. And like wise, digital astroimaging provides the same benefit to the amateur astronomer. Digital astroimaging provides an excellent way to observe new objects and fainter details with smaller optics. Astroimaging extends an astronomer’s ability to enjoy observing the universe.

There are many types of cameras, lens, telescopes, mounts, filters and software programs that are used in astroimaging. This year’s conference focuses on astroimaging and image processing techniques using digital SLR cameras and cooled CCD cameras. Both of these cameras extend an astronomer’s observing capabilities. Attendees learned how to obtain the best imaging performance using these cameras and how they are similar and different. Image processing examples were shown using Photoshop, AIP4WIN V2, MaxIm DL and ImagesPlus.

Evening imaging demonstrations included Nikon D70 SDLR imaging and visual observering. A conference CD-ROM with presentations, reference materials and software was provided to each attendee. This conference was sponsored by Mt. Hood Community College Science Club and Planetarium Sky Theater.

Door prizes were donated by Sean's Astronomy Shop, Pro Photo Supply, and Suburban Photo

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Saturday, July 23, 2005, 8:00 am to Midnight

Visual Arts Theater
Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC)
26000 SE Stark Street
Gresham, Oregon

Register early because seating is limited. Registration is $30.00 by June 31, 2004 and in July it is $40.00. To register send your name, address, email address and registration money (check made out to Imaging The Sky) to

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Schedule is subject to change.

Star Field

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The Imaging The Sky Conference 2005 is organized by Mel Bartels, Richard Berry, Rick Kang and David Haworth. See past Imaging the Sky Conference Summaries for examples of past conferences.