Imaging The Sky 2003 Conference

The Imaging The Sky 2003 Conference was held on November 7 8, 2003 in Salem, Oregon, USA. The conference had attendance of over 60 attendees from Oregon, Washington, California, New York and other states. Mel Bartels, Richard Berry, Jim Girard, David Haworth, Rick Kang and Nick Liepins organized the conference. Imaging The Sky 2003 Conference schedule PDF file 13 KB.

Friday Sessions and Activities

  ASCOM Face-to-Face Meeting 

  Introduction to CCD Imaging 

Ron Wodaski

  FocusMax Update/New Software (Polar Align Assist),  

Larry Weber

  Science with your CCD 

Dave Kenyon

  RGB Filters, Color, and Light Pollution 

Don Goldman

  Amateur Spectroscopy/Case Study: Mira Variable Stars 

Dale Mais

  Show and Tell Presentations 

Saturday Sessions and Activities

Saturday morning started off with coffee, juice and donuts. Session breaks provided time to further explore CCD imaging techniques with the presenters and other attendees. Saturday morning coffee, juice, donuts, lunch and dinner was included in the conference registration fee.

  Zone System Image Processing with PhotoShop 

Ron Wodaski

  Image Processing Using MaxIm DL 

Doug George


Doug George

  The Accessible Universe 

Adam Block

  Wavelet Processing 

Richard Berry

  The ASCOM Initiative 

Bob Denny

The conference ended with a group dinner and late evening discussions

CD-ROMs and Location

A Image the Sky 2003 Presentations CD-ROM and a CCD imaging freeware, trial and demo software CD-ROM were given to each conference attendee.

Tokyo International University of America

Conference Location
Imaging The Sky 2003 Conference was held at Tokyo International University of America's campus in Salem, Oregon, USA on November 7 and 8, 2003.