Stephan's Quintet

Stephans Quintet

Observing Log
Date of observation: August 25, 2001
Time at end of first CCD image 12:10 PDT
Time at end of last CCD image 12:51 PDT
Observing location: home observatory
Sky Conditions
Seeing: FWHM 2.33576 based on Star GSC 2743:1136, Magnitude: 14.7, RA: 22h 35m 45.7s Dec: +3404'30" (Epoch 2000) Star is at column 564.15, row 161.693, FWHM 2.33576, peak value 231.008, background 113.64.
For Sun set, astronomical twilight end, Moon rise or set, astronomical twilight begin and Sun rise refer to dark sky.
Observation of Object
There are the five galaxies of the Stephan's Quintet and three other very faint galaxies in the above image.
The five galaxies of Stephan's Quintet
Stephans Quintet
NGC7317 Galaxy
Magnitude: 14.8
RA: 22h 35m 52.0s Dec: +3356'42" (Epoch 2000)
NGC7318B Galaxy
Magnitude: 14.0
RA: 22h 35m 58.4s Dec: +3357'58" (Epoch 2000)
NGC7318A Galaxy
Magnitude: 14.6
RA: 22h 35m 56.7s Dec: +3357'59" (Epoch 2000)
NGC7319 Galaxy
Magnitude: 14.4
RA: 22h 36m 03.5s Dec: +3358'34" (Epoch 2000)
NGC7320 Galaxy
Magnitude: 13.6
RA: 22h 36m 04.1s Dec: +3356'52" (Epoch 2000)
Left of Stephan's Quintet
NGC7320C Galaxy
Magnitude: 16.6
RA: 22h 36m 20.3s Dec: +3359'07" (Epoch 2000)
Far left edge
NGC7343 Galaxy
Magnitude: 14.2
RA: 22h 38m 37.5s Dec: +3404'23" (Epoch 2000)
Center Left down
CGCG514-72 Galaxy
Other ID: PGC69346
Magnitude: 15.8
RA: 22h 37m 28.2s Dec: +3355'22" (Epoch 2000)
Image size is 31 arc minutes high by 41 arc minutes wide.
Image orientation: North is top, West is right, East is left and South is bottom.
Observing Equipment

Celestron C-8 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with Fastar lens accessory and SBIG ST-237 CCD Camera
CCD image time: 61 - 30 seconds images stacked together
No guiding or PEC was used.

Use Test patterns to calibrate monitor brightness, contrast, height and width