January Evening Sky Map

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This sky map show the sky in Portland Oregon, U.S.A. and other locations around the world during the following dates and times. Notice how every 15 days later the same sky map is one hour earler. Instructions on using sky maps.



September 15

   6:00 AM Standard Time or 7:00 AM Daylight Saving Time

October 1

   5:00 AM Standard Time or 6:00 AM Daylight Saving Time

October 15

   4:00 AM Standard Time or 5:00 AM Daylight Saving Time

November 1

   3:00 AM Standard Time

November 15

   2:00 AM Standard Time

December 1

   1:00 AM Standard Time

December 15

   12:00 PM Standard Time

January 1

   11:00 PM Standard Time

January 15

   10:00 PM Standard Time

February 1

   9:00 PM Standard Time

February 15

   8:00 PM Standard Time

March 1

   7:00 PM Standard Time

On the above all sky map click on an area to view a detailed unaided eye constellation map of that area.

This all sky map was created by the freeware program Home Planet for Windows 95 (Release 3.0 February 1997) by John Walker. Download Home Planet and create sky maps for your location, date and time that will also show the planet locations.