QSI 532ws-M1 CCD Camera, Tele Vue NP127is Refractor and
Astro-Physics 1200GTO German Equatorial Mount

QSI 532ws-M1 CCD Camera, Tele Vue NP127is Refractor and Astro-Physics 1200GTO German Equatorial Mount

The QSI 532ws-M1 CCD camera is a cooled camera used for astrophotography and scientific imaging. The photo shows the QSI 532ws-M1 camera mounted on a Tele Vue NP127is APO telescope and Astro-Physics 1200GTO German Equatorial mount.

Imaging Components

  • QSI 532ws-M1 CCD camera
    • Diffraction Limited MaxIm DL camera control software
  • Telescope: Tele Vue NP127is, 127mm aperture, 660mm focal length, f/5.2 focal ratio, APO Refractor
    • Tele Vue TRG-1072: Standard T-Ring Adapter for 2.4"
    • Three Tele Vue TLD-1000: 1.0" Length Accessory Tube for 2.4"
    • Tele Vue MRS-5000: Mount Ring Set for 5" Dia. Tube
  • The telescope mount is the Astro-Physics 1200GTO German Equatorial Mount (1200GTO) with GTOCP3 Control Box
    • Astro-Physics DOVELM2 8.5" Dovetail for Losmandy D Series Plate
    • Astro-Physics 1200RPA Precision-Adjust Rotating Pier Adapter with Azimuth Bearing
    • Astro-Physics 10X48P Pier for 1200 Mount
    • Astro-Physics PS15V10AC 15 VOLT - 10 AMP Load Regulated Power Supply
    • Astro-Physics 10SCWT 10 lb. Counterweight
  • Losmandy DUP: Universal dovetail plate for use for Tele Vue refractors
  • Finder is Orion EZ Finder Deluxe Telescope Reflex Sight
  • Polar alignment scope is Orion 6x30 Right Angle Correct-Image Finder

  • Guide camera is Orion StarShoot AutoGuider
  • Guiding telescope is made of Edmund Optics 48mm T-Mount components
    • Lens ACH 40mm dia. X 250 mm focal length TechSpec MgF2 coated Achromatic Lens (NT32-935)
    • Edmund Optics T-Mount 40mm Achromat/Thick Lens Mount (NT57-978)
    • Edmund Optics T-mount 10mm extension tube (NT52-294)
    • Edmund Optics T-Mount Fine Thread Focus 35-65mm Tube at 62mm (NT58-755)
    • Five Baader Planetarium 40mm T-2 Extension Tubes (BA-T2-25B)
    • Two Edmund Optics T-Mount 48mm Ring Mounts with 1/4-20 Tap (NT52-304)
    • Manfrotto 394: Bogen-Manfrotto RC4 Low Profile Rectangular Rapid Connect Adapter 3270/394
  • JMI Telescopes TPWUAP: Wheeley Bars for Astro-Physics Pier Mounts with TPWLWUPG 5" Wheel Upgrade
  • Kendrick Astro Instruments Dew remover system
  • HP Pavilion dv9740uslaptop running Vista with four USB ports (QSI 532ws-M1 and Orion StarShoot AutoGuider)

QSI 532ws-M1 CCD Camera Specifications
The QSI 532ws-M1 CCD Camera uses a Kodak KAF-3200ME CCD sensor that is optmize for scientific measurements with its linear response. The camera has very high quantum efficiency (PDF) using Kodak Enhanced Spectral Response and Microlens technology.

  • Kodak KAF-3200ME (PDF data sheet) Full Frame CCD sensor
  • CCD sensor size 14.85mm x 10.26mm
  • 6.8µm 6.8µm pixel size
  • 2184 x 1472 active pixel array (3,214,848 total pixels)
  • 16-bit A/D conversion
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • USB 2 interface to computer
  • QSI Manual and documentation web page

The Field of view is 77.2 x 50.4 arcmin at image scale of 2.12 arcsec/pix.

David Haworth QSI 532ws-M1 Images

Notes and Measurements

  • 10SCWT is 9.45 inches from the end of the shaft
  • Astro-Physics DOVELM2 is mounted in the high position
  • The balance point for the Losmandy DUP plus everything else mounted on it is 6 7/8 from the back end of the Losmandy DUP
  • Losmandy DUP entends 3 1/8 inches beyond the Astro-Physics DOVELM2 at the back
  • Tele Vue MRS-5000 rings are 11.390 inches apart on the Losmandy DUP
  • The distance between the QSI 532ws-M1 CCD Camera body (not including the T-mounting on the QSI) and the Tele Vue NP127is body ranges 132.9mm to 132.5mm

JMI Telescopes Wheeley Bars for Astro-Physics Pier Mounts makes it very easy to move the telescope out of the garage and on to the driveway.

JMI Telescopes Wheeley Bars for Astro-Physics Pier Mounts JMI Telescopes Wheeley Bars for Astro-Physics Pier Mounts

QSI 532ws-M1 CCD Camera

At the end of the image session the computer cart and telescope are wheeled into the garage to take flats with using the garage lights. Next is darks for flats, bias frames and dark frames.

David Haworth QSI 532ws-M1 Camera Performance