Moebius Syndrome

I have a disability known as Moebius Syndrome. I wrote this page for two purposes:
  • I have accumulated enough circumstantial evidence to conclude that my disabilities have a significant effect on my social interactions. Hence I hope -- for the people around me -- if you stumble upon this page, you would understand me a little better.
  • If you have Moebius too, please do feel free to get in touch. I'm no aunt agony though.
My disabilities include the following
  • I am not able to have much facial expressions - smiling, frowning, raising my eyebrows, etc. Because of this I think it takes a while to understand who I am. So let me save you some work: I would describe myself as a kind, warm but also rather introverted person. Don't mess with me though, because I'll still kick your ass...
  • I am also asymmetric: for instance I have more control over my left eyelid than my right. I'm guessing this, and the fact that I can't raise my eyebrows, sometimes makes people think I'm staring at them.
  • I suffer from slurred speech, and this affects somewhat my effectiveness at verbal communication.
  • I have disabilities with my fingers/hands and arms. They are weaker and significantly less agile than the average person's. I have no problems typing this page, of course. But I have occasional problems with what many would consider mundane everyday tasks, like getting my seatbelt on and reaching into my back pocket for my wallet.
I am quite open to discussing my disabilities, so if you know me and have something to ask/talk about, please feel free to do so.