With the new millenium, WVAS wanted a new dark site - our current location was great for outreach but it was now in the middle of West Lafayette and the light pollution was too much for any deep observations.  We started looking around and found a great location was under 30 minutes away for most of us at Camp Cullom.  After discussions with the camp board, we raised the funds and started construction. 

To say that WVAS single-handedly built the facility would be an out-right lie and a huge disservice to the many who helped in putting this fine faciltiy together.  We received help from many in the region - the Calument group, Fort Wayne, Muncie, Indianapolis astronomy groups, the Boy Scouts and others who were not even associated with a club.  Without their help there would have been no way that we could have completed this project.  (Some of the contruction photos still exist at PGO Construction.)  We are very happy to say that the same broad base of people who brought the facility into existance are still today helping to maintain and improve the facility.

Today, PGO has a life of itself.  Rather than the many people bringing this facility to life, it now brings new life the many people and organizations that started it.  It has become a focus point for many in Indiana who have interest in astronomy.  It hosts multiple observing sessions each year that introduces new generations of scouts, local families and travelers to the region to astronomy and the wonders of the night sky.

We are all proud of what we helped start and hope that you will join us some fine evening at Prarrie Grass Observatory.

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