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The secondary cage was made from a 12 1/4" piece of 10" ID Sonotube.  (Sonotube for the whole project was donated by J&K Supply of Lafayette.)  This section was made almost entirely by Jim Sattler.
View from the top:  The spider was made from 2 very short pieces of 4" aluminum pipe.  The curved spider vanes eliminate the diffraction spikes caused by standard spider vanes.
View from the bottom, showing the reflection of the built-in Barlow in the 2.14" secondary.  The secondary holder was made from a piece of black PVC pipe.
Barlow, diagonal, and focuser:  the Barlow tube acts as an extension tube.  The Barlow lens cell unscrews from the Barlow tube for low power viewing.
Jim machined the helical focuser from two pieces of spare aluminum.  The inner piece threads into the diagonal where the original eyepiece holder tube was.  The inner piece is threaded on the outside.  The outer piece then threads onto the inner piece for fine focusing.  The upper inside of the outer piece is not threaded, rather the original eyepiece holder slides into it for coarse focusing.  The outer piece has a knurled grip ring.

Next, the truss assembly was contructed.