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WVAS went out the the Tippecanoe Ampitheater to show the eclipse to whoever wanted to come and join us.
Scott sets up the club Lunt H-Alpha scope.
Of course the weather looked a bit 'iffy'.  There was also that distant rumbling sound.
Scott checks the camera feeding the TV screen during the maximum.
Nature's own pin-hole camera... A tree!
Of course crossed fingers can make an impromptu pin hole projection.
Ed tries to use the mirror projection with his solar filter...  What do you know - IT WORKS!
What's an eclipse without some pictures on cell phones?  After a few practice shots we ask if anyone was interested in getting a picture on their cell phone.  The response was a very enthusiastic YES!
But as this image by Megan Shoaf shows the clouds starting to break RIGHT past the maximum coverage of the eclipse. We were very lucky that the storms left.
Of course Scott's camera mounted to the telescope will always give a better image than through the eyepiece!