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John Mahony took this image of Jupiter which shows the Great Red Spot, 2 moons, and a moon shadow. This is a stack of about 100 frames. Slightly over-enhanced, digitally, so it almost looks like a color pencil sketch, but it was my first attempt.
The Mars images were each from a stack of either 75 or 150 frames (John forget which set of frames he was working with when, he took a few sets over a few minutes.)

Processed by increasing amounts- the first is raw
The second is slightly enhanced to show about what was visible through the eyepiece.
The third is an attempt at best detail without overdoing it.
The forth was deliberately overdone to bring out detail. The processing is "wavelet" processing, whichis a sort of a combination of unsharp maskings with various settings.
All aligning, stacking, and wavelet processing was done in a few minutes with widely available freeware (well, it only took a few minutes once I figured out the software. Figuring out how to use Figuring out how to use the software was the hardest part!)

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