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The truth is that by international treaty, astronomical names may ONLY be assigned by The International Astronomical Union (IAU) have any legal standing. These are also the names accepted for general usage by the world's professional astronomers. Any company or organization that claims to be able to sell names is actually only selling you an expensive but pointless certificate. Claims that the name will be copyrighted may be true, but you can copyright anything (that hasn't already been copyrighted by someone else, of course!). So you could copyright and publish your own star name and certificate and it would have just as much legal standing as these companies' names and certificates. You might check to see if the book of names that they publish in is even available anywhere for anyone to use. One of the largest of these companies has been under investigation by the New York State Attorney General's Office for misleading claims and possible consumer fraud.
If you want to impress someone, we recommend a box of chocolates, some roses, do a chore that is long overdue or have a nice night out on the town. Should you really get desperate, go to your local library and memorize some poetry about the sky and the moon and recite it to them. If that doesn't impress them, nothing will.
To memorialize someone, our opinion is to please do it some other way. There are many worthwhile charities in the world that need your donations. There are also many non-profit tax-exempt groups (ourselves included) who could also benefit from your worthwhile donations. We recommend that, whoever you send your money to, find out what your money will be used for.
Remember that the night sky is here for all to enjoy. It has never cost a thing to look up and enjoy the grandeur of the night sky. The stars existed long before any company tried to sell them and will continue to exist long after these companies have ceased to exist.

Naming a Star