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Buck Harley (center of this photo) owned a fine 7” Meade ED apochromatic refractor.  Buck wanted his passion for astronomy to be passed on to others and he decided to donate this fine instrument to someone to allow as many people to be exposed to astronomy and excited by it as possible.

Sadly, a prior donation of a previous telescope to a high school resulted in the scope being trashed within a year.  He decided to find someone who showed the love of astronomy that he did and who would take care of his telescope.  Through many dealings, most over the internet, Buck recognized John Mahony as a kindred spirit and decided that John was the right person to care for his scope.

Buck gave the scope to WVAS with the request that John care for the scope and use it for outreach.  We at WVAS accepted this generous gift in the spirit that it was given.  A permanent home will be made here in the Prarrie Grass Observatory at Camp Cullom where John will be the primary caretaker and the scope will receive usage at every opportunity.

Our thanks go to Buck Harley and he and his family are kept in our thoughts and prayers now and for years to come.