What's new? 

2/2/15 - We are applying for a Non-Profit License to set up a TeamSpeak Server. Stay tune.

9/08/13 - Almost forgot we have a blog site opened at http://stargazingnetwork.wordpress.com/  It was opened back in 3/30/2008 but never gotten any traffic.  Maybe a link from here may help.  :)

3/09/09 - All of our websites got wiped clean by some hacker. Everything is gone.  Site is moved to a new server with... nothing on it.

2/21/09 - Our web server was hacked.  Many of our sites were defaced...  sigh...

3/30/08 - We're consider opening up free hosting for Astronomy clubs again.  Show us some prove of your club and we'll setup a site for you.

7/12/06 - The Server is once again moved.   All EXISTING users must email me your detail login info to prove you is you, and I'll recreate a new ID/PW on the new server for you.  My email is whatsnew [at] stargazing.net  

6/04/03 - I haven't got a chance to take care of this website for a long time. Due to company restructuring, the server is on the move again.  All username/password will have to be recreate again.  Existing users, email me at wkc [at] cetus.net

5/28/01 - All websites are moved to a new server with faster internet access. If you have problem updating or accessing your site, email me at whatsnew [at] stargazing.net 

5/27/01 - Spring cleaning time. Due to limited resources, we haven't been actively clean out non-astronomy related sites from our free hosting.  Just a quick look at the top 5 most space used sties. All of them are non-astronomy related. How smart are they? If you want to cheat, the least you can do is to stay low profile, don't you think? All of those sites are now removed.

3/06/01 - For some financial reason, we cannot accept any more free Astronomy related website hosting.

5/18/00 - Due to an abuser saved 2GB of movie images on the server, quite a few of our FTP uploads were affected.  All of the files are deleted.

2/10/00 - Since more and more people trying to get a free website here but they are mostly not quite FTP savvy, we need some helpers to either create some FTP instructions on various FTP programs and/or would volunteer to help new users through email.  If we create a message board (BBS) here, would anyone use it?  Let me know.

5/25/99 - Due to the recent abuses of using the Stargazing Network website for distributing illegal software and warez. All request will be reviewed thoroughly. All material being uploaded will also be examined.  Offender's account and website will be deleted with no question asked.

When filling out the application, please provide the Name and Description of your website. A request without a "intelligent" astronomy related descriptions will be ignored. We do NOT accept any request from the free mail servers such as hotmail.com or the like unless you have a non-free email address to back it up.


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