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About Our Yahoo! Group

This online service provides a wonderful way for NAA members to stay connected with each other and share information. Its main features are a message board, where members can post messages to the rest of the group, and storage sections, where members can share uploaded photos and other files, and where private club information can be stored for access by members only.

Messages can be posted by loging on to the website, or members can send them in via e-mail; members can choose to have the posted messages sent to them in their e-mail (either individually, or as a daily summary), or they can log on and read them from the website.

The group has proved a fine way to communicate within the club; members draw on each other's experience when they have astronomy-related questions; they arrange impromptu observing get-togethers; they share current breaking-news items, such as when someone spots an outburst of the aurora borealis. The larger the number of members taking active part, the more effective the group is!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can join Yahoo Group Naperastro? Only current members of the NAA. The reason for this isn't because we're anti-social; it is because we use the group to disseminate information which, by its nature, is made available only to current NAA members. For instance, contact information for all the club members is available through the Yahoo! Group, and we do not release that information otherwise. The same is true about information on some of our observing sites; our agreements with the property owners state that we will not release the site locations to the general public. So, when you apply to join this Yahoo! Group, our group moderator will check on your membership status with the club registrar before letting you in.

How do I join? As soon as the club registrar has your dues in hand, you can join. Click on the purple button to the left to open our Yahoo! Group's main page in a new window. Click on the blue "Join This Group!" button in the upper right portion of that page.
You have to be a registered Yahoo! user first. If you have a Yahoo! ID, enter it and your password and sign in. If you don't, click on "Sign Up" in the "Don't have a Yahoo! ID?" section, and follow the instructions to set up a Yahoo! ID.
When you are logged on with your Yahoo! ID, return to "Join This Group!" for Group Naperastro. Fill out the page where you select the options you want, and click "Join" at the bottom. Your application will trigger a message to be sent to your e-mail account; it will ask you for some further information, so our group moderator can verify your club membership. Once that is done, you will get another message, telling you you have become a member of the group.

How should we post messages? What topics are allowed? Once you are a member of the group, you can post messages in a few ways. You can log on to the site, and use the "Post" selection in the menu on the left; it will open a window with a box to type your message in. Or, you can e-mail directly to the group at, but you must be sending the mail from the address you have registered with Yahoo! for it to be accepted. Or, if you get a naperastro group message in your e-mail, you can simply reply to it (as long as you are at your registered address).

As far as content goes, there are a few important considerations. First, please identify yourself in all of your postings; your fellow members will not recognize you by just your e-mail address, and anonymous postings are out of place in a friendly club setting. Use at least your first name and last initial; remember that the postings are not visible to anyone outside of our club.

Secondly, we are friends, sharing our interest in the fascinating arena of astronomy; discussion of anything on that topic is welcome, but let's try to stick to that. Bad manners will certainly not be tolerated; please avoid them, even via things like SHOUTING (typing in all caps). Vulgar language or subjects will obviously not be allowed, as this is a family group (and there is nothing vulgar about astronomy!)

When responding to a previous posting, use the Reply function, so the old topic's title comes up on your reply; that way it will be easier for everyone to follow that particular discussion. Also on that thought, giving your new posting a title which reflects its content will help others when they are looking at a long list of postings.

I have a new e-mail address; how do I change it with the Yahoo! Group? For the Yahoo! Group, your e-mail address is one of the account settings items which is entirely between you and Yahoo!; the NAA cannot change that for you. When you are logged at the group website, look for the "My Account" link up in the top left, by the "Welcome". When you click on than link, you will go to a page titled "Review My Account Information". In the "Member Information" section of that page is your e-mail address listing; you can edit that by clicking the "Edit" button in the section title bar. (If you have not already done so, you might want to also check the "Edit your marketing preferences" section, to make sure your're not asking for more spam than you want!)

If you have an e-mail address change, and have your old e-mail address listed with the club, be sure to also send a change notice to the club registrar (, especially if you get your newsletter electronically!

What else can I post to our Yahoo! Group? The group settings do not allow any attachments to e-mail postings; this is because some members get their mail at work addresses, where mail with attachments will be blocked. and others have limited mailbox space. You can share photographs in the Photos section of our group by logging on at the web location (and, of course, to view those posted by other members there, too). We have limited space, so please reduce photos to moderate size, and remove them after a reasonable time (six months or less?) so there will be room for new ones. In the Files section, besides many club publications and records, you will find some other useful resources members have shared. Again, you can add to these, and it is nice of you to remove them after they have "aged". The Database section has some areas to share information on equipment we own; this can be a great place to locate someone who has something you are considering buying; feel free to add your own entries.

I'm having trouble; who can help me? The club Internet Services Officer is the lead moderator for our Yahoo! Group. Feel free to write to for assistance with any problems, questions or suggestions you might have.


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